Apple to Release iOS 17.1.1 With Major Bug Fixes

The American-based Tech Giant recently released the first iOS 17.2 beta update. The update comprises several promised features given by the company, like the iMessage Contact Key Verification, Translate option in the Action button, Collaborative Playlists, Journal app, improvements in weather and clock applications, and more.

Until the iOS 17.2 update becomes stable, the company is expected to unveil some versions in its iOS 17.1 update. It is reported via Macrumors that the company is internally working on iOS 17.1.1 software.

As we know, these (17.x.x) releases are generally meant to solve the iPhone’s ongoing minor problems. The same is true this time as well. The iOS 17.1.1 update will likely solve the issues reported by many users, especially with the recently launched iPhone 15 series.

However, we are not sure what actually the update will solve, but based on the assumptions, we can expect what it can do. It can likely patch the issue for Wi-Fi connectivity—the same problem fix is included in the iOS 17.2 beta 1 update.

The iOS 17.1.1 update will likely fix the issue where some iPhone users are experiencing auto shutdown during the night. It will likely solve a BMW wireless charging problem associated with the iPhone 15 series as well. However, we left certainty for this. In addition, it can also correct some minor bugs, glitches, and issues, ensuring a smooth user experience with the iPhones.

Regarding the release date, we are unsure about the same. Since iOS 17.2 is in beta testing, and its final stable release can be in December, we expect the iOS 17.1.1 update in the upcoming one or two weeks for the public.

So, those who are waiting for the update, you will receive it soon. We hope it fixes some of the problems mentioned above and improves your experience with the iPhone. We will update the post as and when required. So, make sure to be connected.

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