Expected Accessibility Features in iOS 18 and macOS 15

iOS 17 is gradually making its way to every supported iPhone. The company’s software refinement and eye for minor details make it a viable choice for consumers who prefer Apple’s operating system. That being said, the tech giant’s accessibility features are among the most popular, building proper accessibility and easy navigation.

The upcoming iOS 18 (with the iPhone 16 series) is said to carry more accessibility options (via MacRumors). It will also include improvements to the features that are already available. The same is implemented on Apple’s Mac computers, which come with macOS. The upcoming iOS 18 is codenamed Crystal, and macOS 15 is codenamed Glow. Hold on, as we will discuss some of the upcoming features here.

Upcoming Accessibility Features (With iOS 18 & macOS 15)

Before starting, let’s understand that WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2024 is about to arrive. The company is expected to launch multiple features in context with their devices during the event. The company exclusively emphasizes its operating systems for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more.

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1. Adaptive Voice Shortcuts

If there is a unique or different phrase, it will be added to accessibility settings, provided that it is ON by default. From the given phrase, one can create a custom phrase and select the accessibility settings they want to switch to by speaking the given phrase. The feature will help users toggle accessibility options such as Zoom, Voice Control, etc.

2. New “Categories” Section for Live Speech

The “Live Speech” option has been available in iOS for a long time. After the upcoming iOS 18 update, it will most likely get a new section displaying “Categories.” The term “Categories” delivers the functions of what it means. It will categorize and organize the phrases into their respective locations. A user can name the created category and add 20 icons.

3. Custom Font Sizes Support for Multiple Applications

The custom font size is a great option, especially for those who want to use the application comfortably. A person/ user not able to edit or adjust the text size is not a good impression to have. However, the company is now expanding its support for more applications, likely commencing with iOS 18.

To find the Custom Font Size option, go to your device’s Settings application, search for “Accessibility” and then “Display.” The supported applications are there on the list. Now, choose the custom text sizes for the respective app to vary the length/ size. This is collaboratively for both the upcoming iOS 18 and macOS 15.

The macOS Sonoma has some applications that support this feature, like Mail, Messages, Finder, Notes, and Calendar. However, with the forthcoming macOS 15 software upgrade, applications like Books, News, Stocks, Weather, and Tips will likely support this option. From the given list, it is pretty satisfying and good to know that the company is adding support for some usual “real-life” apps.

Note: Every feature mentioned is based on expectations and leaks and has nothing to do with the final update rollout.

In addition, on-device eye tracking is also expected to be introduced. For now, there is only this much information about the upcoming accessibility features. Nonetheless, we expect more changes and improvements to the existing accessibility options. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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