Xiaomi to begin 200W HyperCharge mass production next year: Report

Xiaomi seems like a market leader in terms of fast charging speeds. With the highest 120W fast charging available commercially and by showcasing its 200W ultra-fast charging, they are currently revolutionizing the fast charging market. Their 120W fast charging technology is still the top fastest charging speed available commercially.

They recently showcased their 200W charging, which can fuel up a 4000mAh battery in just 8 minutes. While the charging speed and charger itself were showcased, the fans were eagerly waiting for them to be available commercially. And we got a new update on the availability of Xiaomi’s 200W ultra-fast charging technology.

While showcasing their 200W charging, they used their own customized Mi 11 Pro smartphone. In the same video, they also unveiled their 120W whopping wireless charging technology. The 200W wired charger was able to fuel up the Mi 11 Pro’s battery in just 8 minutes, and the wireless 120W charger was able to fuel up in not more than 15 minutes.

Xiaomi didn’t say a single word about the commercial availability of the product, and even they didn’t reveal which upcoming Xiaomi device will be able to support 200W Ultra charging. Xiaomi has given this fast charging technology the name Xiaomi HyperCharge. Both the charging technology makes a new world record in both wireless and wired fields.

And now, some tech bloggers (via MyDrivers) have reportedly unveiled Xiaomi’s plan to make the commercial availability of the products. The Bloggers have reported that Xiaomi’s 200W HyperCharge will go into mass production as early as June 2022. It is also reported that the upcoming flagship smartphones from the Mi 12 series will use this 200W HyperCharge technology.

Moreover, having a higher watt charging capacity directly in-directly affects the battery life of a smartphone. Commenting on this, Xiaomi has said that its 200W HyperCharge has gone through multiple tests and passed them all. It has multiple protection features that don’t depict the smartphone’s battery life.

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