How to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15

Losing important videos from your iPhone 15 can be heartbreaking. Whether they were deleted by mistake or vanished due to a system crash, you might think they are gone for good – yet recovering these deleted clips with appropriate software may still be possible! In this article, you’ll discover how to recover deleted videos from iPhone!

Tenorshare UltData is an advanced data recovery program for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Using UltData, you can search your phone to locate deleted video data stored within its storage and recover deleted videos from iPhone – quickly bringing those missing videos back onto your iPhone 15 with just a few clicks!

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 from Recently Deleted Folders

If you accidentally deleted a video and need to recover it on your iPhone 15/ 15 Plus/ 15 Pro/ 15 Pro Max, one effective strategy may be checking its “Recently Deleted” folder within the Photo app. Anything removed within 30 days is temporarily stored here before being permanently erased.

Follow these steps on how to find deleted videos on your iPhone:
1. Open up the Photos App
2. Swipe down from your album list until “Recently Deleted” shows in its place

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (1)

Now, you will see all of the pictures and videos deleted on your iPhone in the last thirty days, allowing you to recover deleted videos on iPhone.
3. Locate and tap on any videos you want restored – there may be one or two.
4. In the bottom left, select “Recover” to return this video to your Camera Roll or albums.

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (2)

Utilizing the Recently Deleted folder built into the iPhone Photos App is the simplest and quickest way to retrieve deleted videos on iPhone. Think of this folder as a temporary trash can; remembering to look there whenever searching for deleted videos in the last month should prove fruitful.

3 Ways to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15

Accidentally losing videos on an iPhone 15 can be extremely distressing, particularly when they are essential and you desperately want them back. Once a treasured clip goes missing from your album, the question of how to retrieve deleted videos onto an iPhone naturally arises.

Although permanently deleted videos may seem hopelessly lost from an iPhone 15, there may still be ways to recover permanently deleted videos – video data remains physically present in its storage until it is overwritten with new material.

Let’s look at three methods you can use to restore deleted videos on an iPhone 15.

Method 1: Via Tenorshare UltData (Easiest Way)

Losing videos from your iPhone 15 can be so frustrating! You take all this great footage, and somehow, it gets deleted. I’ve been there myself. But thankfully, some tools can help recover permanently deleted videos on iPhone 15/ 15 Plus/ 15 Pro/ 15 Pro Max.

Tenorshare UltData is designed to recover lost media from iOS devices like the new iPhone 15. The cool thing is it doesn’t need you to have a backup to restore missing videos.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 via Tenorshare UltData

Step 1: Download and install UltData software on your PC. Now get your iPhone 15 and plug it into your PC using Lightning charging cable. The UltData tool will automatically identify your device.

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (3)

Step 2: Once it identifies your iPhone 15, it will ask if you’re ready to initiate the process to scan for deleted video. Click the “Start” button, and the process will begin.

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (4)

Step 3: Recovering the deleted video might take a few minutes, as Tenorshare UltData will dig deep into every place on your phone.
Step 4: As soon as it finishes the scan, you can select the video that you have been looking for.

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (5)

Step 5: The final step is to click the “Recover” button and save the video on your device.

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (6)

Method 2: Via iCloud Backup

Use iCloud Backups to restore deleted videos on iPhone 15/ 15 Plus/ 15 Pro/ 15 Pro Max. If your iCloud Backup service is activated, a daily archived copy of all your data may exist, allowing you to recover deleted iPhone videos more efficiently than using iTunes Backup alone.

Here’s an overview of how restoring from an iCloud backup works to recover videos on iPhone:

  • If iCloud Backup is activated on your phone, daily backups are stored in the cloud and available to restore.
  • You can restore all or part of an older backup date via restore from that particular backup date in iTunes.
  • Doing this will restore videos that existed at the time of an iCloud backup.

Steps to Retrieve Videos from iPhone with iCloud Backup

So your videos got deleted from your iPhone 15 even though you have iCloud backups enabled? Don’t freak out! Thankfully, your iCloud backup can help you get those video clips back. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open up the Settings app on your iPhone 15 and tap your name at the top. Then, scroll down and select the “iCloud” option. Next, hit “Manage Storage,” you should see “Backups” on the next screen. Tap it.
  • You’ll see a list of iCloud backups from different dates. Find the most recent backup that was saved before your videos got deleted. That one should still have your lost videos!
  • Once you know which backup has your missing iPhone 15 videos, it’s time to restore it. Hit that “Restore” button and confirm you want to complete it.

Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 (10)

  • Now, your phone will reboot and restore from the iCloud backup you chose. It’s turning back time on your device! Once done, those deleted videos should be back in your camera roll!


  • You don’t have to download anything extra.
  • Getting your videos back is pretty straightforward, right in your iPhone’s Settings.


  • iCloud backups don’t automatically save every single thing from your phone.
  • Restoring from an iCloud backup resets lots of stuff on your iPhone – not just the video.

Though iCloud restore is helpful in some instances, its flexibility leaves much to be desired – although it provides an efficient way to retrieve deleted videos on iPhone 15/ 15 Plus/ 15 Pro/ 15 Pro Max, provided they were stored during an earlier iCloud backup.

Method 3: Via iTunes Backup

Recovering deleted videos from an iPhone 15 using iTunes backup is another method for recovering lost data. iTunes, like iCloud, backups the content from your phone directly onto a Mac or Windows computer. Here’s how iTunes Backup works to restore lost iPhone videos:

  • Connect your iPhone 15 to a PC and backup with iTunes.
  • Videos and other data like messages and photos are stored in a backup.
  • To restore the data, you reconnect your iPhone and select the iTunes backup to restore.

Steps to Restore Deleted Videos on iPhone 15 with iTunes Backup

Here are the steps for retrieving deleted videos on an iPhone 15 using an iTunes backup:

  • Connect the charging cable to your iPhone and your computer.
  • Now open the iTunes app on your PC.
  • After that, click “Backups,” you will see an extensive list of backups from different dates and times.
  • Now, select the most recent backup before your videos were deleted.
  • Click the “Restore Backup” button. This will initiate the process to back up the data to that specific date and time.
  • Once iTunes is done restoring, you can unplug your iPhone. Open your camera roll and photo albums, and finally, the video that you have been looking for will be restored.


  • You don’t need to install other software
  • May backup some things excluded from iCloud


  • Only restores videos contained in the backup; not everything
  • Time-consuming full phone restore process

So iTunes backup provides an alternate route on how to retrieve deleted videos from iPhone 15 without needing third-party software. Just know it has the same limitations as iCloud when trying to recover permanently erased videos – those videos had to be committed in the backup already.

Final Words

As you have learned, you can take a few different routes to recover deleted videos from iPhone 15/ 15 Plus/ 15 Pro/ 15 Pro Max, whether recently deleted or permanently erased. The built-in option of using your iCloud or iTunes backups can potentially help retrieve deleted videos in some cases.

However, for the most flexible and foolproof way to rescue your lost iPhone videos, I highly recommend using Tenorshare UltData. It is dedicated iPhone data recovery software that recovers deleted videos that other methods cannot.

So don’t lose hope if you’ve accidentally lost videos on your iPhone 15. Follow the video recovery options outlined in this article and use the recommended software UltData for the highest chances of successfully retrieving deleted videos. You can rescue your deleted videos and get them back with the right tools and techniques!


1. Where do deleted videos go on the iPhone?

Lost videos can be found in the Photos app’s “Deleted” section for 30 days before permanently removing them. This gives you plenty of time to recover recently lost ones before fresh data on your iPhone storage overwrites their data. But after 30 days, new material will have erased any video data.

2. How do I recover permanently deleted photos and videos from my iPhone?

Suppose it has been more than 30 days since you erased media from your iPhone. When you need to recover data that has been deleted permanently and don’t have a backup, UltData is a great program to use. To recover permanently deleted photos and videos from phones, UltData searches storage spaces for any remaining data and then extracts it. This way, backup copies are no longer necessary.

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