Google Pixel users report missing Emoji and Cinematic Wallpaper features in June update

Pixels get monthly security patches typically before the second week of the month. The rollout is consistent, and Pixel users have begun receiving the June security patch. This stable Android 13 security update contains many changes and feature drops. The highlight features of this update are Cinematic Wallpapers and Emoji Wallpapers.

If you’re on a Pixel 7 Pro, you get Macro Focus for video mode. You get the Self-Timed Photos feature on select models. A new AI feature is Cinematic Wallpapers. On a Pixel 6 and newer, you can convert existing 2D photos into much more interesting ones. It converts them into some 3D dynamic themes, and this feature makes the subject stand out and pop. All this is done with software and AI.

Emoji Wallpapers is a new feature similar to lock screen customization from iOS 16. This is an Android 14 feature, but Pixels got it early with the June patch. You can choose from over 4,000 emojis and create unique live wallpapers for your Pixel. It can reflect your personality and mood, or you can use it to create something unique.

If you don’t have a specific emoji choice, a randomize button does the job for you. You can pick between emojis, patterns, and colors in something Google calls the Emoji Lab. While it draws inspiration from iOS 16, it has many more features and customization options.

There’s also some improvement to adaptive charging, and haptic feedback is more intelligent. It lowers the intensity of vibrations depending on the device’s placement. Google Assistant has new voices, and you can export transcripts. These are all the major new features of the June security patch.

Unfortunately, the two headline wallpaper features are reportedly not working for many users. It’s probably a widespread issue since there are a lot of reports. People on Google Forums downloaded and installed this 365MB update, expecting new wallpaper features, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

Other reports say there’s no option to convert a regular wallpaper into a 3D wallpaper. The new styling features are entirely missing from the wallpaper customization page for many people. For some Pixel 7 Pro users, even the new macro mode autofocus is missing.

There’s a hands-free selfie feature with this update. You can raise your palm, and your phone automatically triggers 3s or 10s timed photos. However, this feature is missing on several units too. Interestingly, this isn’t a problem with the new Pixel models. It isn’t consistent, and the missing features are across all the models.

Following the steps in the changelog doesn’t work, and restart does not work either. However, there could be a reason for this. A Google member says it takes a few days to a week for all the new features to appear. The rollout happens in stages and doesn’t work instantly when you update your phone. You can try updating the Play Store, meanwhile.

According to other reports, the new June wallpapers arrived, but the new features didn’t. This suggests that Google is doing a gradual rollout of features. Certain features roll out at different rates, depending on your location.

You can try a workaround to get Pixel phones’ Emoji and Cinematic Wallpaper features. You need to head over to the wallpaper picker. Tap on your photos and Select a photo. On the next screen, you will see the three stars in the upper right corner. This is the Cinematic Wallpaper button. Tap on the button and wait. It may take some time.

Cinematic Wallpaper features

We’re unsure if this works, but you may try if affected. Not everyone got the June patch yet, and the update is probably delayed for Verizon and T-Mobile carrier-locked devices.

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