Google Pixel June 2023 Update: Bug Causes Problems for Some Users

The Search Engine Tech Giant recently released the June 2023 update to the eligible Pixel smartphones. However, the update was delayed as it used to come on the first week of the month or the first Monday. Nevertheless, it is now available to all the supported Pixel devices, from Pixel 4A to the latest Pixel 7 Pro.

The June 2023 update brought significant changes to improve user experience. It increased the performance and battery charging tweaks and added some photography settings. Regarding the features, the update brought several known and unknown bug fixes.

It added new emojis, cinematic wallpapers, macro focus video (To Pixel 7 Pro for now), intelligent haptics for some devices, and many more. It has also improved connectivity, device stability, etc.

The bug fixes include the existence of the echo when using wired headphones. Also, the calls could not be transferred between the phone and the paired devices. The wonderful thing is that even though the June 2023 update has solved several issues, it has also added some new bugs.

June 2023 Update for Google Pixel Brought New Bugs

As we know, the updates are meant to fix the issues and introduce some new bugs that cause device instability and battery draining. According to several reports, Google Pixel users face multiple issues after installing the latest June 2023 Update on their devices.

june issue

The list of bugs includes the Android System Intelligence, which keeps stopping frequently, and the keyboard disappears when a notification prompts, unable to copy the text. In addition, the users are also facing battery-related problems like draining, overheating, etc. The users are also facing signal disconnections and improper connectivity.

Elaborating on the central issues, the Android System Intelligence keeps stopping every time the user tries to send or receive an SMS. It also happens when they set a new clock on the lock screen after selecting from the settings. This is a severe issue, and users are getting irritated. They have tried doing a factory reset, and the problem has been solved.

Moreover, the users cannot copy the texts after selecting them from the Recent Apps Screen. They are questioning on Reddit whether it’s a new feature or a bug introduced by the company.

Another bug introduced after installing the June update is the keyboard’s disappearance. The keyboard disappears whenever it is ON, and a notification prompts. They cannot use the keyboard until the notification goes away. It also occurs when one uses a back gesture. The affected users have raised their concerns on the official forums.

In addition, some Pixel users have reported missing the Emoji and Cinematic Wallpaper features after the June update.

According to the users, factory reset has solved some of the mentioned problems. However, not everyone can approach this method. They have shared their complaints with the developers and asked them to provide a solution or fix the bugs as soon as possible.

As always, the company has officially not acknowledged the matter yet. We also don’t have any potential workaround apart from the users-tried: Factory Reset. Let’s hope they develop another update to solve the mentioned problems. With that, we will keep updating the post based on the new information and developments and watch for the same.

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