Pixel 8 Photos Experiencing Brightness Issues in Google Photos App

The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are fresh launches from Google. The Google Pixel 8 series has many new AI features up its sleeves. Although pixels take some of the best photos and enhance them well with AI, there are increasing bug reports. Pixel 8 series owners report that photos appear too bright in the Google Photos app.

This bug has been reported on XDA forums, Reddit, and the Pixel community. The posts say the photos appear too bright in the Google Photos app. This issue occurs only in the photos captured using the phone’s camera, not screenshots or downloaded photos.

Several reports complain about the implementation of Ultra HDR on the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. It creates weird artifacts that make the photo look odd. This problem is model-exclusive and only on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. The Pixel 7 Pro and older models do not have this problem.

The problem is with the camera app and how the display renders contrast and brightness. It’s not an issue with Google Photos. Some common workarounds like clearing the cache and app data don’t help with this problem. People can no longer see the original colors and contrast directly from the Photos app.

There are many temporary workarounds for this issue. Installing a third-party gallery app like Gallery Vault or 1Gallery solves the issue. The photos do not appear unnecessarily bright after this, and they look normal- as they should. You see the original image briefly before it turns bright, proving it’s a software issue. The skies look unnecessarily bright, the exposure is uneven, and many artifacts exist.

We know it’s a problem with the camera app since other photos in the Google Photos app not taken with the Pixel 8 don’t have this problem. Another workaround is sending the photo to another device. If you view it on another phone, the image doesn’t appear with weird color and brightness rendition.

According to Google’s advertisements of how Ultra HDR works, it increases shadow details and controls highlights better. This will allegedly give you a better image output. However, this is just making images look worse. This is similar to Apple’s “View Full HDR” feature. It makes images very bright, too, but Apple provides a direct toggle in the Settings app to turn this off. The images look normal again if you do.

We hope Google solves this issue soon since a fix is just one toggle away. Or they could fix the way the app increases the brightness. According to a Diamond Product Expert on Google’s Forums, Google is collecting all the issues with the Pixel 8 Pro. They’ll hopefully address the issues with Ultra HDR, but we don’t know when.

According to some users, this problem shows up even if you’re playing HDR content on YouTube, and the display shows everything with a brightness boost. Adding to the uncertainty, the version of the Pixel 8 Camera app has this problem (Release date: October 20). Uninstalling updates and downgrading to allegedly solves the problems with brightness.

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