Pixel 6a Astrophotography Issue
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Google Pixel 6a Facing Issues with Astrophotography Mode for Some Users

The Search Engine Tech Giant launched Google Pixel 6a on May 12, 2022, in India. The device was priced well in India and is currently under ₹30,000 INR. The smartphone was a popular Android phone and was well-accepted by many users for its excellent camera and camera features, stock, and clean Android experience.

Regarding the camera, the Pixel 6a features a 12.2MP primary camera and multiple camera features. One of the exciting camera features of the smartphone is astrophotography mode.

To those unaware, Astrophotography mode is a feature that allows users to take stunning & eye-pleasing shots of the night sky. The specialized mode helps the user to get details of the night sky and take beautiful pictures that are attractive to look at. However, the users are facing issues with the astrophotography mode on their Pixel 6a.

Pixel 6a Users Facing Problems with Astrophotography Mode

Some Pixel 6 series users face astrophotography mode issues on their devices. The company recently released an update to the Pixel 6 series, especially for the camera app, which brought improvements and changes to the camera system. The users can now take photos faster in low light conditions.

But, as the update is not only meant for improvements, this update brought the issue with the astrophotography mode available on many Pixel devices. Consumers are facing trouble while capturing night sky images because of the problem.

Many users experiencing the issue have spoken about it on various social media platforms like Reddit & Twitter. According to them, the astrophotography mode doesn’t turn ON when they try to take night sky pictures in complete darkness. They have been attempting to place the smartphone on a steady surface or use a tripod, but the issue persists.

Some users have noticed that the night sight mode turns ON when they place their camera against an opaque object (which doesn’t allow the light to pass through it). However, in that, too, some have experienced finite delays in the activation time.

The astrophotography mode can easily be used with street lighting during the night. The issue started when the company pushed out an update, and because of it, the mode is unusable. The problem has been consistent since last month.

The Pixel 6a user experiencing the issue states, “I find that astrophotography mode can’t be enabled on 6a. Have any of you any experience in enabling astrophotography mode for 6a?” This is another user from Reddit by which you will understand the issue. Read his views here.

These are only some users experiencing the issue; however, the list is long, and every Pixel 6a user, after updating their phone to the latest software, is possibly facing the problem with astrophotography mode.

Unfortunately, Google is unaware of the problem or is intentionally trying to be unaware because they have not responded yet. They might be directly preparing an OTA update to patch the problem with astrophotography or night sight mode.

We also don’t have any possible workaround to help you. We hope the company tries to provide an update that resolves the issue as soon as possible. We will keep updating the post as soon as we get any workaround or official response from the company.

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