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Nothing OS for Nothing Phone 1: Everything You Need to Know

The Nothing Phone 1 is scheduled to launch this summer. During the virtual event held on 23rd March, Nothing’s Founder and CEO— Carl Pei, confirmed that the Nothing Phone 1 will run on Nothing OS based on Android. It will be their take on the popular Android operating system. He also revealed that Nothing Phone 1 would feature a Snapdragon processor but did not give any other details about the phone.

The company aims to provide the market with a unique phone. During the virtual event, they continuously discussed how Apple has the best ecosystem, but then you are trapped in just Apple’s ecosystem. They also said that there is no reasonable alternative to Apple’s ecosystem. Nothing wants to build an ecosystem better than Apple’s, with the Nothing Phone 1 being the heart of the ecosystem. An ecosystem with no restrictions, i.e., you can seamlessly connect to other ecosystem products.

The core of this ecosystem will be the Nothing Phone 1, which will run on Nothing OS, as confirmed by the company. As the phone drops soon, some might wonder what the user experience will be like.

Nothing OS: Nothing Phone (1) ‘s Software

According to Nothing’s blog, the Nothing OS will be one of the best Android skins. It will deliver a fast, smooth, and personalized experience. It will supposedly come with 40% less pre-installed bloatware than other Android skins. They also said that they would keep the best features of Android and avoid replicating Google’s apps, which would be, according to them, a waste of time and space. This means the device will have more space and RAM to operate more smoothly. It will focus more on user experience and learn from the user’s app usage to better optimize the phone for the user.

The Nothing OS will learn users’ usage cycle and accordingly make changes to extend the battery life of the phone. It will also follow Nothing’s unique and consistent dot-like font throughout the UI. The transitions will be smooth and fast. And just like many other Android OEMs, Nothing will offer four years of security updates and three years of major Android OS updates to the Nothing Phone 1. The Nothing OS will also feature a unique built-in voice recorder. The remarkable thing about it is that it will let users rotate a wheel to control playback.

As stated before, Nothing wants to build an “open ecosystem” that will make it easy to connect and interact with Nothing and other ecosystem products. Nothing wants to create something unique and innovative. Nothing OS will prioritize performance, optimization, and user experience over gimmicky features. The Nothing OS is yet to be released to see if it holds true to what it is promising. Nonetheless, you can download and install its preview to glimpse the Nothing OS, which will be available only on select smartphones starting in April.

If you want to experience Nothing OS on your smartphone, you can install the Nothing launcher from the Google Play Store. You need to set Nothing Launcher as your Default Home App.

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