Users Report Issues External Display Drives macOS Sonoma

macOS 14 Sonoma Users Report External Display and Drive Issues

Apple recently released the first stable firmware of macOS 14 (codenamed Sonoma) on the 26th of September, 2023. It is the latest iteration of their operating system for Macs and MacBooks. However, since the launch, we have seen several widespread issues arise after the update.

For instance, there were reports earlier this week about the wallpaper behaving weirdly on macOS Sonoma. We can safely say that it certainly is not the best macOS version upgrade regarding stability.

External Monitors / Displays

One of the recent issues people are facing after upgrading to macOS Sonoma is with external drives and monitors. Many people claim that they cannot set refresh rates as per their liking on external monitors when connected to their macOS running device.

The device does not detect the desired refresh rate in many cases. However, lower refresh rates around 30Hz seem to be working fine. That points towards the possibility of the issue being exclusive to higher refresh rates only. Some users even reported getting a black screen when setting the refresh rate to more than 60Hz.

The issues with external monitors do not stop here. For many people, USB hubs do not seem to work properly after the macOS Sonoma update. The Macs / MacBooks refuse to detect any external monitor in many cases. This particular issue seems exclusive to third-party accessories since the same monitors connect to the devices using the built-in port just fine.

Users have tried several different troubleshooting steps to get around the problem. You can try the following to see if they work for you. Some people have claimed that they do.

  • Perform a full power cycle on your monitor.
  • Connect the monitor via HDMI instead of USB C.
  • Unplug the monitor for a few seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Shut your MacBook down and restart it.

External Drives

The entire issue with external devices extends to external drives as well. As per the reports, the external drives keep disconnecting on macOS Sonoma. The degree of the problem varies from the drives constantly getting disconnected to not getting detected by the device at all.

It even refuses to mount the external drives at all in some cases despite being detected. The drive name is greyed out in such cases. This issue has plagued drives, irrespective of whether they are encrypted or not. So far, there does not seem to be any way of resolving this issue. Users will have to wait until Apple releases a fix for the same.

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