M3 Ultra Mac Studio Expected in Mid-2024, Says Report

Apple did wonders with the M1 chip, which debuted in November 2020. It was the first time Apple made a computer chip, and they have used it for their Mac products ever since. It has been over three years since then, and we have the M3 chips now.

Apple unveiled their M3 chips in late October 2023 at the Scary Fast event. At present, there are three chips in the M3 lineup. They are the M3, the M3 Pro, and the M3 Max. If you are unaware, Apple has also launched the Ultra versions of the M1 and the M2 chips. So, there have been talks about the M3 Ultra as well. And it seems like we now have a bit more information about that.

As per a report by Apple Insider, there are chances that we see a Mac Studio powered by the M3 Ultra this year. A predicted time window of its launch has been mentioned around the late second or early third quarter of 2024. Sometime around the Worldwide Developers Conference this year would be a likely and fair guess.

M2 Ultra Mac Studio
M2 Ultra Mac Studio

It seems like Apple is keen on getting the most out of TSMC’s 3nm process. They were the first to incorporate it on their smartphone and computer chips, namely the A17 Pro and the M3 lineup.

The source also states that the chances of a refreshed M3 Ultra Mac Pro are low. The reason for that is unknown yet, so it could just be an error on the source’s part. No conclusive statement can be made regarding the M3 Ultra Mac Pro right now.

Also, on a related note, some other reports state that TSMC’s customers will start investing more in the second and more advanced generation of their 3nm process wafers. The utilization rate could reach 80% by the end of 2024. Or, in simpler words, TSMC will be producing their 3nm process wafers up to 80% of what they actually can using their resources by the end of this year.

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