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LG G7 will be Adopting LCD to Cut Costs: Report

The next flagship in G series will be switching to a new display technology instead of going for OLED displays

South Korean electronics giant LG is one of the top manufacturers of displays. But the company will not include an OLED display for the upcoming successor of LG G6, the LG G7 or whatever the name the company chooses. OLED displays may be thinner and have higher energy efficiency, but the price is much more than traditional displays. It almost costs twice or twice than the traditional LCD’s.

Market analysts say the LG will ditch the OLED display for the G7 and instead adopt for an LCD one. The new transition is due to the fact the company’s financial situation has been in a dire situation for quite some time. This is to be blamed on rival manufacturers from Chinese market like Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus. Last year, LG’s sales saw only a small bump due to the release of the LG V30 and the Pixel 2 XL. The Google-made Pixel 2 XL lends the display from LG.

By adopting an LCD, the company aims to cut cost. In a time where more and more manufacturers are switching to OLED display, the decision may seem backward but will significantly reduce manufacturing costs.  The company may be switching to an LCD one but a developed one. The reports suggest, LG’s next flagship will carry a display called MCD+ display which consumes 35% less power than a regular display and on top of that, it is also brighter.

Now, this decision of switching to LCDs also may be influenced by the low expected sales of the Apple iPhone X. LG manufactures the LCD panels for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, but the OLED display of the iPhone X is manufactured by Samsung. But from a new report at the start of this year by Financial Times LG will be manufacturing the OLED panels for the upcoming 6.5 inch iPhone model this year.

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