iPhone SE 4 to Feature Same Battery Present on the iPhone 14

The American Tech Giant will soon launch its new iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 4. The upcoming iPhone draws the attention of many tech enthusiasts because of its upgraded design, better camera capabilities, adoption of the Action Button (used in the iPhone 15 Pro series), 5G connectivity, Type-C, and more.

The fourth generation iPhone SE’s design will be based on the iPhone 14. This confirms a better display technology, and we could expect an OLED display, too, compared with the predecessors. Because of the bigger screen, the upcoming iPhone has the potential to hold a bigger battery than the terrible battery on the previous models.

The new leak suggests that the iPhone SE 4 will have an upgraded battery compared to the third generation and below. The battery capacity will be similar to what is present on the iPhone 14. Hence, the iPhone SE series can expect a battery life improvement.

Per the MacRumors, they found a battery with an A2863 model number in the forthcoming iPhone SE 2024 prototypes. This clearly indicates that it is more or less similar to the previous iPhone 14 because the company used the same battery inside the device.

iPhone SE 4 look
representational image via MacRumors

iPhone SE 4 Battery Size

Considering this fact, the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE can probably feature a 3279mAh battery capacity. However, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate because the data collected is from the model prototypes and not the actual product so the final one may display an increase or decrease in the battery size.

The iPhone SE 2 features a tiny 1821mAh battery, and the iPhone SE 3 features a 2018mAh battery (a negligible approximately 200mAh improvement). We cannot neglect that both the above capacities are minimal from the 2024 point of view. So, if the source is trustworthy, the battery life improvement on the upcoming iPhone is enormous.

The new iPhone SE 4 will likely be made based on the existing components. The company will probably not opt for a completely different Research and development (RnD) for making it, which can indicate why the upcoming model’s design is similar to the iPhone 14.

Therefore, Apple will likely adopt the leftover components for the iPhone 14 and manufacture the new smartphone, which will likely launch next year. This can be beneficial for the company. Regarding the launch, we can expect the device in the first half of 2024.

What do you think of the iPhone SE 4? Do you like the improvements made? Will you consider buying the iPhone SE or the number series if the pricing is nearly similar? Let us know in the comments section below. We will edit the post timely in case of any updates.

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