Rumor: iPhone 16 Series to Come in These Colors

The design of the iPhone 16 series has been creating a lot of buzz in the smartphone space recently. As far as rumors go, we are in for a treat with a possible new look for the camera bumps on both the Pro and the base models.

It will surely be interesting to see Apple ditching its four generations of old design. We have also heard about new colors for the iPhone 16 series in recent news.

Apple Analyst Gives Color Predictions for iPhone 16 Series.

Just yesterday, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a post on X (previously Twitter), predicting the colors of the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

For the Pro models in the series, we can expect to see black, grey, rose, and either white or silver colors. The base models, including the vanilla and the Plus, may come in black, green, pink, blue, and white colors.

Color Predictions for iPhone 16

The analyst further mentioned in the same post that Apple may change names for some of the same colors. Or they can also change some colors while the names remain unchanged.

For instance, the black color was called ‘Midnight’ in the iPhone 14 lineup, while it was simply ‘black’ for the iPhone 15 series. Also, the yellow in the iPhone 14 lineup looks totally different from the yellow in the iPhone 15 lineup.

If the prediction turns out to be true, we will have to bid farewell to the Blue Titanium color for the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Blue Titanium was a color option for the Pro models of the iPhone 15 series. A new ‘rose’ color, maybe with a different name, will replace it.

As for the other two models, the iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus, we will see a white color. It will replace the yellow color from the current generation, and the other colors will remain the same.

We can expect to see Apple launching these devices in late September this year. This is a speculation taking the trend over the past few years into consideration. As of right now, Apple has not confirmed it. The same goes for the colors, which are still a rumor at this point in time.

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