iPhone 16 Pro Design Rumors Hint at Razor-like Triangle Shape and More Cameras
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iPhone 16 Pro Design Rumors Hint at Razor-like Triangle Shape and More Cameras

It’s the first time in a while that Apple is making a major design change to the Pro iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro introduced triple cameras with individual rings in a square at the top-left. The iPhone 12 Pro added the LiDAR scanner, but that didn’t really change much of the design. With the subsequent models, the size of the module naturally increased with the use of larger sensors and lenses. However, the fundamental camera module design remains the same.

According to a report from Majin Bu on X, the iPhone 16 Pro will finally bring a much-anticipated design change. According to multiple internal sources, the iPhone 16 Pro will get a new design for the camera housing. Earlier leaks from the same leaker mentioned a fidget-spinner-style look for the camera housing.

However, the leaker now claims that those reports were wrong. Since the information was deemed incorrect this quickly, we shouldn’t take this report too seriously either. It’s very early to conclusively determine anything about the iPhone 16 models with close to reasonable accuracy since we are several months away from the launch.

design of the new iPhone 16 Pro

The report says the design won’t resemble a fidget spinner but look more like a razor. The render shows a triangular design. Instead of individual camera rings, this module is completely blacked out, with a triangular cutout. You can no longer see three individual camera rings in a square module.

As a result, Apple can supposedly fit more cameras inside this module in the future instead of just three. According to rumors, Apple will add more camera lenses with future iPhones, some for VR/ AR purposes, and we also might get an additional 4th lens corresponding to the intermediate zoom focal length. The current setup includes only one 5X zoom lens and misses the intermediate 3X focal length. Apple might add this back in the future.

The post also mentions that there’s no way to verify the validity of this information. The photo in the post is also purely demonstrative, and the design is not one hundred percent accurate. The response in the comments is mostly negative, with many people hoping the design leak doesn’t come true.

According to some leaks, Apple could use a larger sensor for the ultra-wide and a larger ~1/1.1″ IMX 903 primary sensor for the iPhone 16 Pro. These sensors and lenses might not fit well in the current camera array. As a result, they have to move to a different housing to accommodate this.

Another potential reason for this change is Spatial Video recording and integration with the Apple Vision Pro. Apple might want better-quality spatial video, and these dimensions might favor that. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 11 Pro looked horrendous from the initial designs, with poor symmetry and alignment.

If Apple adopts the Razor design, they will mostly make it symmetrical and properly aligned. It’ll end up looking far better than the first few renders. We expect Apple to pay more attention to the design since once Apple adopts a major change, they will keep it consistent for the next 4-5 years to maintain a design identity.

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