iPhone 16 will have a new vertical camera arrangement

iPhones have had the diagonal camera array for three years, since the iPhone 13. The iPhone 16 will change this, and Apple is moving away from the diagonal layout. According to new reports, the iPhone 16 will have a vertical camera array similar to the iPhone 12.

There were many rumors of this change a few months ago, but now we have leaked images. It looks similar to Samsung’s setup but without the 3rd telephoto camera.

According to a fairly renowned tipster on X, we are confirmed to see a new camera layout from the iPhone 16 series. The tipster shows a vertical alignment similar to the older iPhones like the 11 and 12. Another leak also suggests a possibility of 5 devices in the iPhone 16 lineup. These devices are iPhone 16 SE, iPhone 16 Plus SE, iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The SE models are going to have a single camera. The base models will have a dual-lens setup and triple for the pros.

vertical camera arrangement

According to MacRumors, they have verified the authenticity of this leak. The website writes, “Through our industry sources, we can confirm that the item featured in Bu’s post is the main camera chassis for the I-34 camera project, intended for use in the base model ‌iPhone 16‌ set to be released later this year.”

Apple switched back to the vertical layout for spatial video recording and possibly also for a consistent look across the lineup. Apple introduced spatial video recording with the iPhone 15 Pro series. This recording allows the users to shoot clips for Apple’s latest Vision Pro. Apple placed the primary and ultrawide lenses vertically for this to be possible. The vertical placement ensures that the fields of view between the main and the ultrawide are correctly aligned for Spatial Video.

Apple likely wants to bring this feature to the base iPhones. However, the Pro model is due for a redesign and has looked the same for ages. The design of the Pro models will include the third telephoto- possibly a 5X for both models this time, and they’ll still maintain a more consistent look throughout the lineup.

The iPhone 16 SE will have a single lens in the corner, followed by another lens below for the base iPhone 16. We aren’t sure whether the telephoto will stay in its usual place or get a change for the Pro iPhones.

New design leaks suggest the iPhone 16 Pro will get a new camera design. It looks like there’s a fidget-spinner-style fill inside. This will eliminate the stovetop setup, but it’s rather polarizing. It might look better in the final renders. The iPhone 16 Pro might also get an additional capacitive Capture button, and it’ll continue to have the Action Button from last year. The size of the Pro iPhone might go up to 6.3″.

Apple’s Vision Pro is an augmented reality headset, or, as Apple says, “Spatial Computing.” Take spatial videos to view optimal-looking footage on the Vision Pro. Considering Apple is emphasizing Vision Pro as the future, it only confirms the possibility of the feature coming to the base iPhones.

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