iOS 16.1 Final Version to Release Soon as Beta 5 Program is Now Live

The tech giant has released iOS 16.1 Beta 5 update to the developers and the Public. Beta 5 to the public beta testers. Along with it, Apple has also released iPadOS 16 Beta 12 (also known as iPadOS 16.1 Beta 6), TV OS 16.1 Beta 5, Mac OS 13 Ventura Beta 11, and HomePod OS 16.1 Beta 5. This article will look at iOS 16.1 Developer Beta 5 and iOS 16.1 Public Beta 5 new features and changes.

Apple recently released iOS 16.1 Beta 4 just one week later than the release of Beta 3. Because the original iOS 16.0 was too buggy, Apple released iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2 to the users, which did not make much of a difference, and a couple of days before, we had iOS 16.0.3 which helped the users to make out with their problems. Still, there were some problems for which the users are enormously waiting for the iOS 16.1 update. As discussed earlier, the Beta phases of iOS 16.1 have already started rolling out, and now we have Beta 5. With that, we probably have the last Beta phase of iOS 16.1, after which we can expect the release of the candidate or RC soon.

iOS 16.1 Beta 5 is Now Available:

The users have started receiving the Beta 5 version of the iOS 16.1 update. This can probably be the last Beta update of the firmware, and hopefully, we can expect the release of a candidate or RC or stable version of iOS 16.1 soon. The update, on average, is around 600 MB in size. The update’s build number is 20B5072b compared to its predecessor, whose build number was 20B5064c. The developer beta was available in the morning, and by the time you are reading this, the public beta is also made available by Apple for Public Beta testers.

What are the new changes compared to the iOS 16.1 Beta 4?

iOS 16.1 Beta 4 was made a major compared to Beta 3 as it arrived with fewer changes. The same goes with Beta 5; it doesn’t seem to be a significant update and only calls for some bug fixes, further security updates, and more improvements in the software algorithms. Let’s check out the new changes and features with Beta 5 in detail:

  • You can now track the live activities’ status in or around your device on your lock screen only with the help of ‘Live Activities.’
  • Live Activities API, made available with Beta 5, helps you access live activities from any favorite third-party application with this new developer API.
  • iOS 16.1 comes with new Matter support, which brings intelligent improvements to your home by enabling compatible accessories or devices that will work seamlessly without any effort.
  • Added support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, which helps up to six family members to share photos seamlessly with a separate iCloud Library. This is quite a helpful feature.
  • With iOS 16.1, the Apple Wallet application can now be deleted, which was not an option in iOS 16.0. Note that doing this will result in the inability to use Apple Pay, Apple Cash, and Apple Card.
  • The Clean Energy Charging feature announced during the launch of iOS 16.0 is now available with iOS 16.1. This is because it will charge your device when power grid capacity is less constrained and more clean energy capacity is available. However, this feature is exclusive to the US people.

When will the iOS 16.1 final version be released to the Public?

As per the popular tipster Mark Gurman, we can expect the stable release of iOS 16.1 around October 24 with the rumored launch of new products like the 10th generation iPad, iPad Pro with M2 chip, and new MacBook Pros. He says, “iPadOS 16.1 is on track to be released the week of October 24 — barring any new bugs or issues.” So, considering that we can expect the official release of iOS 16.1 around October 24, there are rumors about the same-day launch of new iPads and MacBook Pros.

Rest all you can say about today’s after-update situation of iOS 16.1 Beta 5 if you have any additional bugs or issues or if the problem has been solved. And make sure to be connected with us as we keep updating you about the latest news. We will further clarify if any announcement regarding stable iOS 16.1 arrives.

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