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Huawei P11 May Feature Three Cameras on the Back for 40MP Snaps

Huawei has been particularly focusing on dual camera features on all of its flagships and mid-rangers for some time. The Huawei 9i was the first device from the company to feature a dual-camera setup on both front and back. But the Chinese smartphone manufacturer may ramp up its game and take things to a whole new level.

Huawei’s upcoming P series smartphone, speculated to be the P11, may contain not one, not two, but three cameras on the rear. This three-camera setup on the rear will allegedly enable 40MP photos and 5x “hybrid zooming.” Additionally, there will be a 24 MP front camera for low-light selfies.

Huawei P11 leaks

The camera sensor made by the Leica brand will be able to capture 100% more light, and a Pro Night Mode will help in shooting gorgeous night scenes with a tripod. Huawei has also focused on its AI tech, especially with its Kirin series of processors. This will also help in scene recognition and auto-framing with the camera.

A digital artist is hinting at this information at one of the company’s creative agencies, which included promotional materials for their portfolio. However, as soon as it started to get attention, they were pulled off and are not available in the original location anymore, suggesting the material’s importance and that Huawei is not ready to showcase it to the public. Still, Huawei was one of the first companies to pioneer dual camera setup. Chances are there that they will be the ones to upgrade from two to three lenses.

Also, a small detail to be noticed in the marketing materials is the “Huawei PCE Series” branding. This may be a placeholder for the real name, or Huawei may introduce a new line of flagships focusing on camera performance as its USP. This may also mean the P-series will be converted into a PCE series. Whatever it may be, we are excited to see how a three-camera setup does wonders for smartphone photography.

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