Google’s Tensor SoC is actually unreleased Exynos 9855 chipset: Report

After several leaks, rumors, and renders, Google has finally teased its upcoming Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro smartphone on its official Twitter handle. They also revealed some of the key specifications of the device. On the other hand, they also teased their upcoming Google Tensor chipset. As for the launch date, there is no exact information on the launch date, but they have officially confirmed that the device will be launched later this year. The device will reportedly launch in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Sadly, there is no India on the list.

One of the highlight parts of the Pixel 6 series of smartphones is its chipset. It will debut with Google’s own Tensor chipset. The company also says that it will be the most powerful pixel smartphone we have seen yet. However, the company didn’t share any details on the specifications of the chipset, like its CPU info, GPU info, and fabrication details. Now, a report from GalaxyClub reveals the first look of the Tensor chipset. The chipset doesn’t bring any extraordinary design but a simple design with a Google logo in between. It has the codename Whitechapel, which belongs to the upcoming Samsung Exynos 9855.

For those unaware, the Exynos 2100 is nothing but Exynos 9840 internally. And the upcoming Exynos 2200 (9855 internally) will succeed this chipset. Some reports say that Samsung was working on two new chipsets: Exynos 9855 and Exynos 9955. Now, it seems Exynos 9855 will debut as a Google Tensor chipset in the market, while Exynos 9955 will debut later this year.

The Tensor chipset is expected based on a 5nm fabrication process. Well, in the end, all the information is just claims and leaks; take this as a pinch of salt only. There is no information from the side of Google yet. The official information might differ from all the information available. Let’s wait till the official launch to know more about the devices and the new Tensor chipset.

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