Google September 2023 Feature Drop Brings New Features to Android

Google’s Android 14 development is in its final stages, and the official release is right around the corner, but that doesn’t stop Google from releasing its quarterly feature drop on time. The September 2023 feature drop brings new features to Android devices and enhances user experience.

With the September 2023 feature drop, we are getting new features like WhatsApp for WearOS and improvements to Google Assistant, At a Glance widget, Gmail, and much more.

WhatsApp for WearOS

With this feature drop, users can finally get full WhatsApp functionality on their WearOS Smartwatches. This change allows users to send and receive text messages and calls and keep up with chats without taking out their phones.

Google Assistant

Google Fitbit users can now access their data using Google Assistant. Now, users can say, “Hey Google, good morning,” the Assistant will show them their sleep time start, hours slept, and steps taken the previous day.

At a Glance

The At a Glance widget was released by Google a while back to display helpful information. The widget started originally by showing weather forecasts, dates, reminders, etc. However, with software updates, Google added many AI functionalities over time. Now, in addition to those features, the at-a-glance widget can also show various things like Flight updates, hotel check-ins, baggage info, and other travel updates.

At a Glance

Translate on Gmail

If you get mail in an unfamiliar language, you can now translate the mail directly from the Gmail app. The app will ask you if you wish to translate any email not in your preferred language.


Lookout is an app that uses AI to describe visual content, like an image. You can open an image in the app and ask questions regarding it using voice or text. Additionally, Lookout supports 34 languages, including 11 new additions. This change makes Lookout accessible to more users.

Google Wallet

This update also adds new functionality to Google Wallet. Users can now scan or upload images of cards that contain a barcode or QR code, such as membership cards.

Unknown Tracker Alert

After this update, your Android device will automatically notify you if an unfamiliar tracking device, like a Bluetooth tracker, moves along with you. The feature will let the user locate and disable the tracking device. This feature will make the users safe from unauthorized tracking.

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