Google Play System July 2023 Update Fails for Some Pixel 7 Owners

The Google Pixel 7 series is Google’s latest flagship series this year and has a lot to offer for a good price. Their flagships are also known to offer updates the fastest in Android, but with the July 2023 Google Play System update, many Pixel 7 users on online forums said they are getting a ‘Failed to Update’ error message.

The Play Store pushes Google Play System updates to every Android device to ensure the device’s security.

As mentioned, many Pixel 7 owners on Online forums have complained that the July 2023 Google Play System update keeps showing them a ‘Failed to Update’ error message. Thus leaving them vulnerable to security risks compared to other Android devices.

The issue starts with the users receiving a notification that an update is available, but when trying to download, they get greeted with the ‘Failed to Update‘ error message.

Failed to Update

Despite a few days since the issue was reported, Google has yet to release a statement addressing the problem and an ETA to fix it. So, till then, we can try a workaround to complete the update.

In a Reddit post, a user claimed that updating to the Android 14 beta fixes the issue, and you will then be able to update to the July 2023 Google Play System update.

Although the workaround is very likely to work, we recommend you wait for Google to officially address and fix the issue, as updating to a beta version is usually unstable and can even cause you to lose your data.

We are not responsible for any data loss. But if you’re still willing to do it, then it’s recommended that you back up all your data to a PC or cloud and proceed at your own risk.

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