Google Pixel Users on Verizon Report Missing Preferred Network Type (5G/4G) Option

Google Pixel series of devices allows users to select their preferred network: 5G or 4G. The users select a suitable network based on their needs, availability, and speed. However, some Pixel users face an issue with the “preferred network type.”

The company monthly releases software updates (security patches) to their eligible smartphones. The updates are usually available at the start of the month. However, the June 2023 security patch update was delayed and reached users on June 13. However, the update was still pending for some Verizon, T-Mobile, and Google Fi users.

Fortunately, the update is now available to some users. However, the users who received the update say that the option to select the preferred network type, 5G or 4G, is missing from the menu. They reported that they couldn’t find any option to change their preferred network. However, the option to turn ON or OFF 2G is available. But there is no option for a 5G network.

The problem is limited to the Verizon network. The missing “preferred network type” option only troubles the users who have unlocked Verizon Google smartphones. In addition to that, the update is still pending. Forl Pixel smartphones have locked Verizon network. So, we cannot find whether the problem is limited to only unlocked versions or is an extensive issue. Interestingly, the issue is not affecting the users using Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) that rely on the Verizon network.

Missing Preferred Network

Several Google Pixel users have complained about the problem and addressed the company on their official sites and online forums. Many users are facing the issue of “missing preferred network type.”

A user reported that after the June update, he could not see the option to select the network type. Another user asked whether we can enable or disable the 5G network. Both users were on the Verizon network. A user could find 2G toggle settings but not 5G. Besides this, a Google Pixel user on Straight Talk said they have the preferred network type to select 4G or 5G networks depending on their needs. This was reported and concluded after installing the latest June security patch. So, the issue is more likely to be Verizon-specific.

We don’t know why the “preferred network type” option disappeared from the settings menu after the June security patch. Also, as always, Google and Verizon have not officially responded. We hope they prepare for the update, which will soon make the option visible.

Unfortunately, we also don’t have any workaround to help you fix the problem temporarily. This is an irritating problem as users can’t switch between 4G or 5G depending on their needs, network speed, network coverage, and battery life. We sincerely hope that the company will solve the problem as soon as possible.

If we get anything related to the issue, we will update it here in the post. If the company comes up with a solution, we will inform you at the earliest. Make sure to be connected with us.

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