Google Pixel 8 Series Shows Audio Magic Eraser
Image Showing Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Pro to Feature New Audio Magic Eraser Tool

Pixels have always been known for innovating with the application of artificial intelligence on smartphones. Pixels are known as the most intelligent smartphones in the world. This is partly thanks to how they utilize AI to make photos look better.

While the lead is shrinking, Pixels maintains some of the best software post-processing. They make the most out of comparatively underwhelming hardware on phones.

The Pixel 6 series took this further. We saw the introduction of several new AI features and also an in-house chipset. The Tensor chip contains AI cores to perform specific AI/ ML algorithmic tasks more efficiently.

Each Pixel introduces a new AI feature to improve your experience. It was the Magic Eraser tool for the Pixel 6 and Photo Unblur for the Pixel 7 series.

According to a clip from X, Google now has a similar feature for audio as well. Since this feature works for audio, the name is probably “Audio Magic Eraser.”

We can assume this feature will debut with the Pixel 8 series from the clip. Like Google’s other AI features, we will probably see it in the Photos app. The function is self-explanatory, allowing you to eliminate all unnecessary background noise from existing clips.

It can identify people, random noise, and music for now. They might add more in the future. The video also shows the new Pixel 8 Color. While Google’s AI features are initially exclusive to new Pixels, they make their way down to older ones with updates. Eventually, there’s a chance everyone could get them through the Google Photos subscription plan. We saw this happen with the Magic Eraser as well.

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