Get Magic Eraser on iPhone

How to Get Magic Eraser on iPhone?

Google’s Pixel phones always ship with temporary exclusive features. Google is pushing its Pixel line of phones and is marketing them better than ever. There are substantial hardware improvements throughout the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series.

We saw better camera sensors and huge processing improvements with the 6 and 7. With the announcement of the Pixel 6, we saw Google unveil the Magic Eraser feature. This feature was exclusive to the Pixel 6 and 7 series for over a year.

The Pixel 6 series came out in 2021. In 2023, Google is rolling out the Magic Eraser feature to all smartphones with a Google One subscription. It’s not free but a subscription perk that even iOS users can get.

The feature is no longer exclusive to the Pixel 6 and 7 series. With the Pixel 7 series, the headline feature was Photo Unblur.

The rollout for all Google One subscribers has already begun, and you can apply for a trial in March to try the features out before paying for a full subscription.

If you haven’t received the feature yet and already have a subscription, Google is probably not doing a worldwide rollout at once and is doing it in stages instead.

If we follow Google’s current trends, even the Photo Unblur feature will eventually make it to all smartphones with a Google One subscription. This proves that most of Google’s AI work is through fantastic software.

Google can replicate Magic Eraser and, initially, Pixel Exclusive features from AI algorithms.

This proves that the Tensor chip isn’t essential for these features. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use the Magic Eraser feature on your iPhone.

What is Magic Eraser?

The Magic Eraser tool is a convenient way to eliminate objects and intrusions in photos. Google’s solution is simple and neat. You can’t tell that the image was edited with a cursory glance.

We want a clean output in many photos where the subject is the only thing in the frame. When shooting friends or family in a public and popular place, there’s a chance that someone you don’t want always appears in the frame.

If you take photos of a famous lake, mountain, or swooping landscape, people are always around.

It’s the same case with photos of famous buildings and monuments. Photobombers are everywhere, even in daily use cases in your neighborhood.

AI identifies people in the background, unnecessary objects or wires or power lines, and anything that ruins the clean look of the shot. It suggests what to remove, and you can instantly eliminate all photobombers.

It makes all these frustrating distractions in the frame disappear like magic with just one tap. If the AI fails to recognize the distractions, you can manually select what you want to remove with the brush tool or circle.

A camouflage tool also alters the subject’s colors to make them naturally blend in with the background. Since everything blends and the image looks consistent, it’s hard to tell that any AI editing was done.

This saves a lot of trouble and time since you no longer have to replicate the feature on other phones with complicated and advanced photo editing software like Photoshop.

After this new update, all Google Pixel users will get this feature. Even older Pixels like the 5A or 2XL can use Magic Eraser for free without any subscription service.

magic eraser look

How to use Magic Eraser on iPhone?

You’ll need to download and install the Google Photos app on your iPhone if you don’t already have it. Once done, head to Account Settings and choose a compatible Google One plan according to your needs.

Magic Eraser isn’t available on the free version of Google Photos, which gives you 15GB of free storage. If you see the Magic Eraser option under the tools section of a photo, you’ve received it already. If not, you’ll have to wait for the rollout.

Steps to get Magic Eraser on iPhone

  1. Update the Google Photos app to the latest version on your iPhone. You’ll have to check for the newest version in the App Store. If you don’t see it yet, the update might take a couple of weeks for global rollout to all users.
  2. Now, tap on the Google Photos app. The app looks like a windmill with colors.
  3. Find a photo with a distraction or photobomb which you want to edit. Please tap on the image to enlarge it.
  4. Bring up the editing menu by tapping the Edit option after opening the photo.
  5. You’ll see many options at the bottom that say Crop, Adjust, Filters, etc. Look for the Tools option and tap on it.
  6. Here, you’ll find three options, and the Magic Eraser is one of them. Choose Magic Eraser.
use magic eraser
Credit: AuthenTech/Youtube
  1. The app will now automatically use sophisticated AI algorithms to suggest edits and identify all the distractions in the image. You can choose to approve the suggested edits or circle your own manually.
  2. Now, please tap on the outline of these highlighted distractions, and the Magic Eraser tool will automatically remove them.
  3. Tap on Done to save the photo.

Note: The camouflage option isn’t the same as Magic Eraser. It works similarly and adjusts the background colors to shade unnecessary artifacts.

What’s coming with the Google Photos update?

Google also spoke about High Dynamic Range videos alongside the Magic Eraser tool. HDR in smartphone photos and videos isn’t the same as HDR Standards when viewing multimedia content.

The software intelligently fuses multiple exposures on smartphone photos and videos to give you a balanced overall result. This usually has the correct exposure of both darker regions (shadows) and bright regions (highlights).

In this way, bright skies and light sources won’t look overblown. Darker trees or faces and building details won’t get crushed.

It artificially enhances the details in bright backgrounds and dark foregrounds. Brightness and contrast levels see extreme amounts of control. This way, the videos look much better and balanced overall.

Moreover, for Google One members, you get free shipping on print orders in a few countries. You can choose between custom canvas prints, photo books, etc.

For now, it’s available in the United States of America, Canada, The European Union, and the United Kingdom.

Finally, this update brings exclusive Collage Editor designs. When you’re putting together collages in the Google Photos app, you’ll notice some updates to the feature.

You can now apply styles to a single photo in the collage editor. There is also a range of new styles for all Pixel users and Google One subscribers. This enhances your designs when making collages with the app.

Is Google One a good deal?

The Google One plan might not sound fabulous if you only look at the free storage. Over the years, though, it’s a sophisticated package with many neat features.

It began as a way to have extra storage for Photos, Mail, and documents. If you recall, Google Photos once gave us limit-free backups of photos and videos on your device.

That’s a great business strategy since many people moved from competing apps to Google Photos. Then, Google set the storage limit to 15GB per account. You can pay for a cloud subscription service if you want more storage.

Cloud subscription services are the new go-to for data backups since they’re easier and accessible on any device.

With a Google One subscription, you can share your storage with up to five family members. There’s a built-in VPN Service and the ability to host longer calls on Google Meet.

You get 10% cashback on Google Store purchases and more effects on the Photos app. There’s portrait light, and other effects that soften the background and highlight the face, light position, and brightness of the subject are all Google One or Pixel exclusive.

Limiting these features to Pixels and Google One is a surefire way of locking people into the Google ecosystem. This is similar to what Apple does with its ecosystem and is a standard tech business practice.


The Magic Eraser tool is no longer a Pixel exclusive. The move of giving away these exclusive features might seem unusual initially since most of the features marketed as Pixel exclusive are now available to everyone on any smartphone.

Some Pixel users might feel betrayed, but it makes sense from a business perspective.

Google’s hardware sales are never the point of Google’s business model. They make money from software and software-based subscription services. Google also makes money from advertisements, but AI is where the future lies.

If Google adds these features to Google Photos, many people will subscribe to Google One. An increase in the number of subscribers will ultimately increase their profits. This way, even Photo Unblur might make it to more phones in the coming years.

The new features have already started rolling out, though it may take a couple of weeks before a global rollout. Soon, you can effortlessly edit your images and remove all the photobombs with just one tap.

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