Google Photos Sorting Issues Plague Users: “Failed to Sort” Error Reported

Google Photos is a photo-sharing and cloud storage service by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and released in the same month. The Google Photos app gives users 15GB of data to store photos and videos. The storage is of your Google account, which Google Drive and Gmail also use. Google Photos also has a various suite of features. Like a powerful image search engine, a magic eraser to remove unwanted objects, camouflage, etc.

Google Photos ‘Failed to sort’ error

The latest Google Photos update is said to have fixed some previously reported issues. However, it also brought another issue for some users. The problem is related to the sorting mechanism of the app, which sorts images within albums. The affected users report a “Failed to sort” error when trying to sort images from newest to oldest. This issue is causing users difficulty in finding the photos they want.

Official Acknowledgement

Fortunately for the users, Google seems aware of the issue, and a fix might come soon. According to a product expert on the official Google forums, this issue was escalated to the Google team in December 2023. The product expert assured us that the issue is in the works. However, there is no ETA on when it will be fixed. We hope Google fixes this issue as soon as possible, as it hampers the seamless user experience a user expects.

Failed to sort

Potential Workaround

However, the good news is that a temporary potential workaround exists for this issue. One affected user shared a trick to resolve the problem temporarily. So, if you are also having this issue, this reasonably easy potential workaround is worth a shot.

The fix is to share the album; after that, you should be able to sort the photos without error. However, remember that removing the shared status will likely bring the issue back. Nevertheless, this is a relatively easy workaround you can do until Google officially addresses and fixes the issue.

These occasionally minor inconveniences aside, Google Photos has many great things going for it. Its backup flexibility is one of its big qualities. Google Photos users have three different backup qualities to choose from. Original Quality uploads photos and videos at full resolution; Storage Saver compresses photos to 16MP and videos to HD, and Express compresses photos to 3MP and videos to SD. However, before June 1, 2021, users had unlimited storage using the Storage Saver mode. If users run out of storage, they can opt into a Google One subscription plan with other benefits.

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