Some Google Nest WiFi Users Facing Slow Network Speeds and Disconnects Issue

Google Nest WiFi is Google’s home mesh WiFi system. It can be made up of Nest WiFi routers or Nest WiFi points. Nest WiFi can provide reliable coverage across your home with the help of several Nest WiFi devices. This means this is a better solution than traditional routers with inconsistent coverage.

A group of Nest WiFi devices in multiple places in your house is a lifesaver and provides a seamless internet browsing experience throughout your home.

Google Nest WiFi also receives OTA updates to improve its performance or fix other issues. But, sometimes, the update ends up causing more harm than good by bringing in new and unwanted problems.

One such update of the Google Nest WiFi seems incompetent, as many users are experiencing disconnections or WiFi keeps dropping or continuous switches between 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Many troubled users took this concern to the Google Nest forums to address the issue of Slow network speed, disconnections, or continuous switching between frequencies.

This Google Nest WiFi issue has left many of its users frustrated. It’s affecting essential things like Work from home or school assignments.

This is not the first time Google has had WiFi issues with their smart home devices; there was a similar issue with Google Nest Mini last year.

After several reports on this matter, a Google Nest official has fortunately acknowledged this on the forums. They said they’d be digging up the bug of Nest WiFi disconnecting or changing frequencies.

To sum it up, the issue with WiFi on Google Nest will be fixed soon. As Google Nest’s official has responded, it’s a matter of time before the OTA update with the fix rolls out.

Wifi unstable

To users still affected by the Google Nest WiFi issue, Google is helping them via DMs.

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4 thoughts on “Some Google Nest WiFi Users Facing Slow Network Speeds and Disconnects Issue”

  1. I have had issues with every single Google product I’ve ever owned. the Wi-Fi was the worst, as connectivity dropped multiple times a day, making it useless. I called support over and over, and they couldn’t help me with the issue. After a year of putting up with it, they told me the item was defective and that they would replace it. They then told me the product is no longer under warranty and wouldn’t replace it. I’m really hoping someone puts together a class-action lawsuit against them for their nest Wi-Fi product, as it was absolutely terrible, and their support team did nothing.

    • I can’t even sell mine because I can’t sell a broken thing to somebody else I’d feel bad and they are only a year old but just turn themselves off randomly

  2. Google smart home products, in general, are lacking in quality. I’ve had lots of nest camera issues and slow and intermittent wifi signal. Also, issues weak connection between wifi points. Starting to move away from Google products.


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