Google Maps New Traffic View Colour Scheme fix

Google Maps Traffic View: New Colour Scheme Without Green Lines

Google Maps is a web mapping and real-time navigation application. It offers various features to users, like real-time traffic conditions, route planning for traveling on foot, bicycle, car public transportation, street maps, aerial photography, and much more.

Since its 2005 launch, it has become the most common navigation service worldwide. Millions use the app every day in 220 different countries and territories.

One of the most essential features of Google Maps is the real-time traffic view feature. However, according to some users, the company has changed this recently. A recent update to Google Maps seems to have changed the color scheme. Apparently, the rich blue and light blue lines look too similar. One represents your current route, and the other represents your alternative route.

Google Maps Users Criticize New Traffic View Without Green Lines

The users claim that the Traffic View layout now appears without green lines. According to the recent Google Maps update, the company has removed the green lines, which have led many users to be frustrated.

People are demanding the return of the older Google Maps app. People find the new color scheme unpleasing and weird, too.

Before this update, The Red and yellow lines denoted heavy traffic and moderate congestion, respectively, and the green lines indicated smooth traffic flow. But as mentioned, the latest Google Maps update has mysteriously removed the green lines.

This problem is on iOS and Android, meaning it’s not a platform-specific problem. It’s happening after a new software update to the Google Maps application. If your app works fine now, we don’t recommend updating it.

Without Green Lines

Potential workaround

Understandably, many people are annoyed by this change as it’s big and noticeable. The green line indications are necessary to estimate traffic routes properly. It might cause delays in your trip and potential plan hurdles, too. The feature plays a major role in proper traffic planning, and people use it to avoid areas with heavy traffic congestion. Here’s a potential workaround by a user you can try if you have this problem.

The workaround is as simple as uninstalling and re-installing the Google Maps app again. Doing this will get the previous version of Google Maps, and you will get back the green lines. Google apparently understands these concerns, and they’ll pass it on to the right team.

Currently, Google hasn’t released any official statement regarding this change. However, according to a Platinum Product Expert at Google, the company will hopefully address this issue soon due to the number of reports. On the forums, the moderator expects a fix soon since there are plenty of reports. For now, you can send feedback to Google, along with the version number of your app. This will potentially help.

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