Google Maps Bug Shows Wrong or Random Location to Some Users

Regarding location access, real-time traffic updates, and navigation suggestions, Google Maps is among the most impressive applications. It helps with live public transport updates, exploring and eating around your area, discovering your favorite restaurants and places, and availability for offline usage.

However, every good thing has its flip side, and Google Maps is no different. The users face ups and downs while using the application for a few days.

Many users have reported facing a bug while using Google Maps. They continuously get a “random default location” or “Wrong location” whenever they open the website.

Previously, there have been reports where Google Maps directed people to some unknown location, different places to their destination. This time, on opening it, the users complain that they are experiencing an issue where a random default location appears.

To elaborate, opening the application redirects the user to some unknown location, and they have to set their accurate location repeatedly when they want to use it. This can be annoying and frustrating for users who wish to use Google Maps frequently.

Google’s official sites, online forums, and social media handles are filled with complaints. The affected people are venting their anger to get a potential workaround. Though several alternatives are available, there is something like an obsession with a specific brand.

For reference, when a user opens Google Maps, it directs him to Washington, DC, instead of his correct location. It was suggested to him that it would take 24 hours to reach DC from the Philippines. Another user acknowledged the same problem despite being from a different location other than the Philippines.

In the Google Browser’s Incognito mode, some changes were observed. The users were able to use Google Maps flawlessly. However, Chrome just blinks, consumes timing, and never locates the actual location.

Some have even reported that the Maps showed the correct location when they tried using Microsoft Edge. Alternatively, some have tried using the web portal on Firefox and Vivaldi on Linux Mint, but it is not helpful. A user could successfully use it on the Safari browser.

Comprehensively, there may be chances where the users have visited such addresses, but it is never an intentional step by them to use them as their actual location. According to the reports, the problem has been there for two weeks.

It should also be noted that it can be an account-specific problem, and not everyone has been affected. However, the growing numbers on the official websites and portals prove the issue’s severity. However, some users have said they can solve the problem by deleting the cookies. There’s a catch here! If they refresh the page, the problem starts from scratch again.

The users must have tried the general troubleshooting methods like uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing the cache, and restarting the phone. Still, nothing may be successful. One said that he had turned off the location tracking settings for a temporary fix.

Unfortunately, Google has not acknowledged the issue. No official data or works indicate they are investigating the problem and when the fix will be released. However, we have a potential solution for the time being. Follow the below methods:

  • Try removing the ExpressVPN browser extension. This should help you.
  • Use Google Maps in your browser’s incognito mode.

Hopefully, the above solutions will help you solve the problem. Let’s hope the company provides a permanent fix for the issue via an update or something. We will add the related information as soon as we receive it.

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