“Are you here now?” feature not showing up on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most widely used apps for navigation purposes. It offers an extensive array of features with excellent stability and accuracy, which makes the app very reliable. But occasionally, we see some bugs and glitches as we do on most apps. One issue that has been popping up recently is the disappearance of the “Are you here now?” feature for many users. The feature allows you to create a record of places that you visit. It does so by simply asking if you are at a place if you tap on your location when you are there. If you respond yes, it enters that place in your log.

Several users report that the ‘Are you here now?’ feature is missing on Google Maps

This is one of the most valuable features of Google Maps, but unfortunately, many users have reported being unable to use it over the past few days. Users do not even get the pop-up of the prompt anymore. Some have even reported that the timeline feature is also taking some time to update, while it used to do so instantly in the past. The timeline feature shows you where you have been in the past.

Additionally, reports state that the places where users had set up a label just show the location instead of the label. As of now, all of this seems to be a fault on Google’s end.

Unfortunately, Google has not acknowledged this problem yet, so no solid fixes exist. According to people on Reddit, things like clearing the app cache and data and rechecking the location settings do not help. One workaround, for now, is recording the locations manually, though it requires unnecessary effort. We hope Google fixes this soon since it is pretty frustrating for users.

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  1. I’m waiting for the “are you here now” feature to appear on Google Maps. It’s been too long since it hasn’t shown up yet. Also, my timeline is lagging behind because my home and Google Contact labels are not showing


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