Google Maps Reviews Issue: Some Users Can’t Post, Reviews Missing for Others

Google Maps is certainly the biggest companion app for people while traveling. Other competitors like Apple Maps and Waze are trying to compete but still haven’t come close to capturing Google Maps’ user base for one reason or another. But despite the popularity of Google Maps, it has its fair share of bugs and glitches.

Recently, a problem has surfaced on Google Maps, with several users reporting that the reviews are not posted. When trying to post a review, the app gives an error that the review had policy violations despite following the company’s guidelines.

According to the users reporting this issue, it’s happening when posting photos shot with their smartphones in the review. After a while of posting the review, the users get an email stating the review wasn’t posted.

reviews not posted

Because of these issues, the users are left disappointed by Google Maps as they aren’t able to share their experiences with other businesses someone else might visit.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of issues in Google Maps, as many users are reporting reviews aren’t being shown to them.

People who are experiencing this issue have said that when they go to the reviews tab and scroll down, the loading circle spins in red and blue, but no reviews appear.

This issue is said to be happening only when using the Chrome browser on their smartphone and seems to be working when using desktop mode on the browser or on a PC and laptop with the same Google account and browser.

Although there are workarounds for a couple of these issues, Google should have addressed them, which they have not yet. We can still hope the company will fix these issues with future updates to the app.

If these issues bother you, you can try using Waze on Android or Apple Maps on iOS until Google addresses and fixes these issues.

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