Google Assistant not Responding Voice Commands Nest Home speakers

Google Assistant Not Responding on Home & Nest Speakers After Latest Update

Google Assistant is Google’s AI-powered and voice-controlled personal voice assistant. It can be used to control Google Home and Nest devices. The Assistant can perform various tasks like toggling the lights, playing music, adjusting your thermostat, checking the weather, etc.

You need to set it up using the Google Home app to use Google Assistant on your Home or Nest. You can also use Google Assistant to set various routines. These get triggered by a single voice command for your convenience. For example, saying “Goodnight” turns off all your lights and sets your thermostat to the desired sleeping temperature.

Google Assistant Voice Command Issue

In the past week, various Google Home and Nest owners have had an issue regarding Google Assistant. There have been complaints that Google Assistant has not been responding to their voice commands despite them not fiddling with any settings. The devices have recently received a new software update, which is a suspect for causing this latest glitch.

Although, Google’s ecosystem of products is notorious for having odd issues like this in the past. There has been an abundance of these before. This Google Assistant not responding suddenly to voice commands adds to the never-ending list.

Seemingly, it’s been found that the Nest speaker does wake to the “Hey Google” phrase. However, it just doesn’t seem to respond back. In addition, there’s also no error message to make the users aware.

Interestingly enough, it’s still possible for the users to adjust the device’s volume by tapping on the sides. In addition to this, all the other features are unaffected as well. Only the voice assistant seems to be broken.

Some users seem to have the Assistant respond after repeating “Hey Google” multiple times. However, this is not an experience a user expects after buying into the Google ecosystem.


Usually, issues like these require a quick reboot or a factory reset at max. However, none of these options seems to work for the affected users.

Google Assistant fix coming

Luckily, the Google Assistant not responding to voice commands issue has caught Google’s attention due to numerous complaints, and as of now, they seem to be looking into it. This means the company is aware of the issue and hopefully try to fix it as soon as possible. We will update you when Google rolls out the fix.

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