Galaxy A54 and A34 One UI 6 Beta Now Available in Select Markets

Samsung uses various methods to determine when a device gets new Android betas. Samsung didn’t take part in the early Android 14 Beta program, and there was no preview for it either. This is because Samsung ships phones with its own custom One UI skin.

One UI has plenty of extra features and customization. The aesthetic is also completely different from Stock Android. Samsung Wallet, Samsung’s first-party dialler and messaging apps, mail client, calendar, and other ecosystem perks need separate development. There are plenty of One UI exclusives like Knox Security & Secure Folder, plenty of granular customization with Goodlock Modules, DeX mode, and more.

The Galaxy A54 was launched in late March 2023, after the S23 lineup of phones. It predates the Foldable phones, but the A54 was a global bestseller. The phone offers some perks like a 120Hz AMOLED display, a large 50MP main sensor (OIS), a proper triple camera setup with a 5MP Macro, and also a large 5000mAh battery. The phone has a premium glass back construction and an IP68 water resistance rating.

The phone’s key selling is regular and consistent updates for five years. The A54 will get support for four major Android updates. Key complaints around the A54 were the performance, since the Exynos 1380 is one of the worst performers in the range, and the bezels were also slightly thicker than last year. For UFS 2.2 storage, the price was also slightly on the higher side.

However, the phone is getting its promised priority with software updates- its key selling point. Among the various factors that Samsung uses to determine which devices get the Betas early, sales volume is one of them. The A54 sold really well globally and also in its home market.

In an official blog post on the Korean Samsung page, Samsung confirmed that the One UI 6 Beta program is now officially out for the Galaxy A54. You can get the new features faster than the others and also report problems to Samsung so that they can address them before the global launch.

a54 one ui 6

Samsung asks for user opinions on the quality and stability of the software. We can expect a stable Android 14/ One UI 6 rollout in October at best for the Samsung Galaxy A54.

The One UI 6 beta program for the Galaxy A54 is also live in the UK with build A546BXXU5ZWI1/ A546BOXM5ZWI1/ A546BXXU5ZWI1.

Samsung is now gradually expanding the One UI 6 Beta to other phones. The S23 lineup got it first, and the S22 lineup will get the Beta soon. We expect the One UI 6 Beta for the A54 to go live in India, the USA, and Germany soon.

In addition, the Galaxy A34 One UI 6 beta program has been rolled out in the UK, with the build version A346BXXU4ZWI1.

One UI 6 brings many quality-of-life improvements. It brings an aesthetic revamp to the Quick Toggles when you pull down the notification shade. The Quick Toggles are much easier to access, and they resemble the iOS Control Center. You also get better Do Not Disturb modes, which sync your wallpaper to a particular Focus Mode. There are also new widgets and enhancements to the first-party applications.

Reports at the moment state that it’s already quite stable since there were multiple firmware versions of One UI 6 before this. However, we don’t endorse using Beta software on your main device. It always has a chance of severe stability issues, app compatibility problems, poor battery and heating, bugs, and more. Installing the Beta is a user choice, and it’s only for developers and testers at the moment.

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