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How to Connect PS5 to Laptop Using an HDMI Cable?

The PS5 is no doubt an amazing console for gamers. It can run almost any game without any hassle or jitter. Most gamers prefer PS over any other device for serious or casual gaming. It is, indeed, a great device for advanced gaming.

The PS5 is already expensive, and buying a monitor or a TV adds up to the cost. Some people might be unable to afford a monitor or an expensive TV after buying the PS5. This can be a little disappointing. Some might think of connecting their PS5 to their laptop instead of buying an expensive monitor or TV. In this article, we will guide you on connecting your PS5 to a laptop.

Is it possible to connect a PS5 to a Laptop using an HDMI cable?

Generally speaking, it is not possible to connect your PS5 using an HDMI cable. The reason behind this is that the HDMI ports in both PS5 and laptops are output HDMI ports. This makes it impossible for one to connect their PS5 to a laptop and start playing games on their laptop screen.

But there is a way with which you can connect your PS5 to a laptop. This method is not recommended for normal gamers. We recommend you get a real monitor or TV for the best experience.

However, the experience on the laptop should not be very bad. It should be decent. Since laptops don’t have an input HDMI port, you will need a capture card for the process. It is recommended to get a good capture card like Elgato HD60 S for the process.

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Connect PS5 to Laptop with HDMI Cable via Capture Card

Firstly, Buy an Elgato HD60 S Capture Card.

After you’ve got your hands on a capture card, you can follow the following steps to connect your PS5 to a laptop:

  • You will need a laptop, your PS5, a USB-C cable, 2 HDMI cables, and a capture card for the process.
  • Take a USB-C cable and connect each end with your laptop and the capture card.
  • Now that you’ve connected your laptop to the capture card, take the first HDMI cable and connect one end with the PS5 and the other end with the input HDMI port.
  • Now, take the second HDMI cable and connect one end with your laptop and the other end with the HDMI port of the capture card.

capture card Elgato HD60 S


You should now be able to play games on your PS5 using your laptop screen. If you face any connectivity issues, try checking the connections. If the problem persists, then it might be the incompatibility of your laptop with PS5, which happens very rarely.

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