CarPlay in iOS 17

CarPlay in iOS 17: A Closer Look at the New Features

Apple announced iOS 17 earlier this month at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 23). The software is currently under testing, with the iOS 17 Developer Beta 2 already out. iOS 17 comes bundled with many new features and improvements to existing apps and features. One of Apple’s splendid software, CarPlay, has also received several new features. And we will cover those in this article today.

What is CarPlay?

If you are wondering what CarPlay is, do not worry; we have you covered. CarPlay is a software that Apple released back in 2014. It acts as a medium for you to interact with your car. It is available on iPhone 5 and newer models running iOS 7.1 or later.

You can install CarPlay on the display attached to your car’s dashboard if it supports it. Apple says more than eight hundred models from several car manufacturers support CarPlay. However, if your vehicle is not one of these models, you can still use it using an aftermarket system.

New features in CarPlay introduced with iOS 17

As mentioned earlier, Apple has updated CarPlay with several new features in iOS 17. It will consequently enhance the user experience of using CarPlay. All of these new features will be available to the public once the stable build of iOS 17 is released later this year. Now, let us take a look at everything new.

1. SharePlay in the Apple Music app

Music is an integral part of car journeys for many people, especially when traveling in groups. SharePlay in Apple Music is meant to enhance the user experience. It allows all car occupants to contribute and add songs to a playlist.

To use SharePlay, the iPhone connected to the car must have an Apple Music subscription. A SharePlay session has to be initiated from that iPhone, after which a QR code will be generated for others to scan. To do so, locate the new SharePlay icon on the upper right corner of the Apple Music app in CarPlay. The QR code mentioned earlier will appear on the screen afterward. Other people in the car do not need an Apple Music subscription to scan the code. They have to have the Apple Music app installed on their phone. Once they scan the QR code, they can add songs to the ongoing playlist.

shareplay carplay
Image Credit: Brian MacDuff/ @itstheBMAC

2. Offline maps with Apple Maps

Apple has finally brought the option to save maps offline in Apple Maps for CarPlay. Offline maps will allow people to access maps of the saved locations even when they do not have cellular connectivity. This would be especially handy when planning to travel to or through places with poor cell service. Earlier, navigation using offline maps was possible only via third-party apps.

3. A useful feature for EV owners

With iOS 17, Apple has improved the ability to view and travel to compatible charging stations for owners of electric vehicles. You can also check the real-time charging availability through Apple Maps in CarPlay.

4. Enhancements in the Messages app

Apple has made some changes in the Messages app in CarPlay as well. A better user interface makes it easier to reply, review, and replay text messages. It has been ensured that there is minimal distraction from the road while performing these tasks.

5. Other small changes across the system

First of all, there are a bunch of new wallpapers. They are similar to the iPhone wallpapers that come with iOS 17. They also change based on the system appearance (light mode and dark mode).

Secondly, you can now wake Siri by saying “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri.” This is the same on other Apple platforms that run this year’s software.

Next Generation of CarPlay

At the WWDC 22 last year, Apple gave us a glimpse of the new generation of CarPlay, which will take the existing experience to the next level. The most significant new feature of the Next Generation of CarPlay is support for multiple screens. This will allow Apple to integrate many controls and information displays into these screens.

carplay new ui

For example, the speedometer, odometer, climate controls, and more will all be available on the CarPlay screens. That means there will be touchscreen controls in place of manual controls. The information on these screens also has the potential to be displayed in a much less distracting way.

While there was no mention of it at the WWDC 23 this year, Apple did mention in last year’s WWDC that the first vehicles supporting the Next Generation of CarPlay will come in late 2023. So, let us see how revolutionary this proves to be.

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