CarPlay Disconnecting Steering Wheel Buttons Not Working

CarPlay Disconnecting and Steering Wheel Buttons Not Working for Some Users

Apple’s CarPlay has been in the talks recently, mainly because of all the new features it will get with iOS 17. Everyone is very excited for the Next Generation of CarPlay as well. However, things are not going well for it on the other end of the spectrum: the stable iOS 16.

Last week, Apple rolled out the latest iOS 16.5.1 update to all eligible iPhones and iPads. This is a stable firmware update meant to iron out the bugs present in the previous software version. However, the update seems to have brought some new issues with it.

Notably, many users are facing problems with CarPlay. Numerous reports indicate that the steering wheel buttons are not working. At the same time, others claim that CarPlay gets disconnected at random at about a 30-40-second interval. People who have an Android head unit and use third-party apps to connect their iPhones to it also complain about facing the same issue. General troubleshooting methods do not seem to work either, much to everyone’s dismay.

problems with CarPlay

On the good side, some users have reported that Apple has acknowledged this issue and that the respective team is working on it. Hopefully, they address and fix it soon.

Until that happens, you should ensure the issue is not on your part. And if it is not, you can also try something one user has claimed worked for them. First, revert your infotainment settings to its default factory settings. Then, delete your car from your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. If there is some other connection remaining, remove that as well. After that, carry out the whole procedure of connecting them back again.

We will not guarantee this will work 100%, but you can try it at your own risk. You can also wait for Apple to fix it. We hope they do that soon.

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