Apple TV Users are Facing a “Black Screen” Issue after Exiting YouTube App

Apple TV has created an immersive experience with the respective Apple devices. You can stream on different platforms like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney Plus, Netflix, and more. Things are not great with Apple if we talk about current scenarios. Some consumers are facing issues associated with Apple TV, especially with YouTube subscribers.

This article will discuss the issue, its cause, how to avoid it, and possible workaround. Read more to find out if you are one of the affected users of the Apple TV.

As already discussed, the issue is related to YouTube viewers. The problem is that whenever you try to return from the YouTube application by pressing the ‘back’ button, a black screen strange pop-ups without any prompting notification stating the cause. Past periods have also witnessed similar issues like black screen appearing at pre-ads and post-ads, YouTube video lag and buffer, and search results vanishing. As mentioned, the latest is also relevant to YouTube from Apple TV, which shows a black screen after exiting the application.

As reported by several users, whenever they try to exit the YouTube application with the help of the back button played on Apple TV, they get an alert notification asking, ‘Are you sure you want to exit YouTube Apple TV.’ And if the users have selected ‘yes,’ they start facing the black screen issue. In addition to that, the problem lasts for around 3 seconds before going to the main Home Screen.

The affected users have raged their complaints and frustrations on various social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter; thus, we have evidence. A Reddit user has claimed about the issue on the forum. He says, “Anyone find a workaround for (updated) YouTube app prompting you every time you try to close out the app? I get a prompt – do I want to exit, and my screen goes dark.” Another Redditor confirmed the news by saying, “When I close the YouTube app, the screen goes black for like 3 seconds before it takes me back to the Home screen.”

To ensure how proportionally the issue is divided into, a Twitter user also claims the same and has requested YouTube to exit the request on Apple TV; as per him, he considers it to be an unnecessary click, and for real, it is an unnecessary operation that frustrates or irritates the respective user.

In simpler words, the YouTube application is crashing for Apple TV users as it is taking time to reach the Home Screen via a stopper called — black screen.


The basic troubleshooting methods, like restarting the app, clearing the app cache, deleting the app, and installing it again with the latest version suggested by YouTube support, seem useless.

If you are facing an issue with a black screen, you have to click the black screen and press the icon that looks like a bit of a TV. This will take you to Apple TV Plus. After reaching there, press ‘Menu’ to exit and reach the home screen. This is a workable solution to patch up the issue, as it has worked for many affected users.

Fortunately, YouTube has acknowledged the issue, and they said that they are working on a solution, which will be done via an OTA update. Additionally, they suggested force closing the application for a temporary fix.

If you have not received the update, you must keep patience as the team is working on an ETA to ensure the fix for the problem. Until then, you can try the workarounds mentioned above and see if that helps in your case.

How is your experience with the YouTube application on Apple TV so far? Are you also affected by the issue going on? What possible measures have you tried to tackle the problem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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