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Will Apple Music Classical be released for Mac, Apple TV, and CarPlay?

Apple Music Classical is an app released by Apple in March of this year. It is for people who want a standalone music streaming app for Western classical music with high-quality audio. It is free for people who subscribe to any available Apple Music plans. And for those who are not, it comes with a price tag.

In recent news, Apple launched the app for Android on the last day of May 2023. It is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded for free. Before this, it was only available on iOS (iOS 15.4 and above) and iPadOS. It is worth noting that iPadOS currently runs only the stretched mobile app version instead of having a separate version developed and optimized for large-screen devices.

The app has been received quite well by the masses since its release. However, the unavailability of the app for other platforms like macOS, CarPlay, and Apple TV is quite bothersome for many people. Users have constantly questioned Apple when the Apple Music Classical app will be released for these platforms and what is taking Apple so long to do so. However, there has been no official response from Apple yet. The last we heard from them regarding this was back in March when they stated that the app would soon be available for Android. Now that they have fulfilled their promise, we can expect to get the app on other platforms soon, in the upcoming months.

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Workaround for macOS users

While the Apple Music Classical app is unavailable for Mac users, they can still use it. The mobile version of the app can be natively run on macOS. However, there is a catch to this. This workaround works for only those with Macs running on Apple M1 and M2 chips. We hope they launch the app for all platforms soon.

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