Android Auto Unable to Read Messages

Android Auto Message Reading Issue Reported by Users

Android Auto is a prominent mobile application used by many users worldwide. The primary application of the platform comes in the driving scenarios. Using the Android Auto app, one can easily control maps or navigations, music, media, and messaging with Google Assistant’s help when driving without using your phone. To sum up the experience, it provides easy access to what you want while going.

However, the users are not getting a pleasant experience. Instead, they feel like a rollercoaster ride because installing the latest updates causes uneven operation and glitches.

Android Auto Not Able to Read Messages

Recent reports suggest that users cannot read the messages from Android Auto. Not to mention, the problem has persisted for nearly two years now. It is so surprising that we don’t know the root cause of the problem for a long time. However, it has affected a lot of users since its origin and caused inconvenience to them.

The workarounds tried then were changing the Text-to-speech engine to Google’s Text-to-speech. And turn off the “Use Wi-Fi only” option to overcome the problem. Furthermore, the Google Assistant team acknowledged the issue and brought a permanent fix to solve the issue. A Google Support Community Expert said that the team has officially rolled out a fix for the problem, and this will hopefully solve it.

We don’t know whether the fix was released as an update or has been developed at a server’s end. Not to mention, the problem again started in February this year, even after trying the fix provided by the team.

The Coolwalk update was released then, and some users reported facing an issue where Android Auto could not read the incoming messages. The users had addressed the issue on the community forums. The respective support team acknowledged the issue page and investigated to find out a solution.

Coming to the recent news of the same problem, the users continue to face the bug where Android Auto was not reading the messages. The users are feeling very inconvenienced and frustrated. They have shared their concerns on the official support page and social media platforms.

From the same page, a user reported that Android Auto cannot read voice messages from WhatsApp and Telegram. He says it notifies you of an audio message but doesn’t read it aloud. Another user is facing a similar problem where he states that his app is updated to the latest version, and the issue persists.

same issue

It is shocking to see a problem persisting for nearly two years, but the company cannot solve it yet. They generate the basic response to the affected users but do not develop a proper working solution.

Unfortunately, we also don’t have any potential workaround to help you temporarily in this case. You can try updating to the latest version of Android Auto, which is 9.8, to see if that fixes the issue. To the users waiting for the solution, let’s expect it from the company’s end.

We hope the Google Community team quickly resolves the problem associated with Android Auto. Rest assured, we will keep updating the news with the latest information and developments, so stay tuned for that.

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