Android 15 Set to Bring iPhone-Style Battery Health Monitoring

The Search Engine Tech Giant recently unveiled their new Operating System called Android 14 to all supported devices. Hence, every significant Android OEMs like Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo have started developing their custom softwares based on the OS. Their respective eligible devices will soon get the update.

Google’s Android 14 brings features like Predictive back gesture, App cloning, Health Connect, Lock screen shortcuts, Satellite connectivity, Notification light options, and more. It also introduces battery-related features like Information, Settings, Saver, Power management algorithms, and Health to improve the battery life endurance.

However, the battery health feature does not provide the purpose it should. On the other hand, the iOS battery health feature accurately tells how much of your iPhone’s remaining battery capacity is remaining. This helps an individual to understand when to replace the battery.

Finally, with Android 14, Google has introduced the feature. However, it is limited to tracking the estimated battery health through the new APIs. Sometimes, it opens, and sometimes, it struggles, and once it starts, it shows little information, unlike iOS. It is said that the feature will likely be properly functioning on the upcoming Android 15 software version (via AndroidPolice).

iPhone-like Battery
Source: Google News

However, as of now, some third-party applications show you the estimated battery health of your Android smartphone, like AccuBattery, etc. But we don’t know how accurate or reliable they are based on the available information. So, the only reliable source is the developer’s and companies’ official feature development.

We should be thankful that Google is finally bringing the battery health feature to the upcoming Android 15 Operating System. It is at least approximately one year from now, as the Android 14 released just now.

For now, there is little to no information available about the feature. Let’s expect more leaks and rumors about it in the upcoming months so we can know more about it. Whatever the condition is, as soon as the leak arrives, we will keep updating you about the forthcoming battery health feature. We will also include it in our Android 15 feature-related posts. So, keep connected with us.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming battery health-related feature? Is it too late for the company to bring the feature in 2024? Let us know by dropping the replies in the comments section below. We will keep updating the post as soon as new information pops up. So, stay tuned for it.

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