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AirDroid Business: Zero-Touch Enrollment for Effortless Android Device Management

Owners and administrators of businesses frequently invest important time manually adding devices to their systems. In today’s high-tech world, installing software and changing settings one at a time might be considered tedious and unproductive.

There is good news, though! We have a wonderful feature for all enterprises that will considerably lighten their workload. With this capability, businesses may concurrently add hundreds of fully functional, low-cost devices to their management system.

This useful function is known as “zero-touch enrollment.” It streamlines the device enrollment process by enabling businesses to pre-configure settings on the enrolled devices. We’ll go into the enrolling process in the following sections and examine the several ways zero-touch enrollment is used in various fields.

1. What is Zero-Touch Enrollment?

Zero-Touch Enrollment allows for the management of device enrollment inside an organization from a single location. It gives administrators the ability to remotely apply settings, set up apps, and create security rules for the registered devices.

This feature ensures that equipment easily complies with corporate rules, assisting businesses in meeting industry-specific security standards and avoiding fines.

Zero-Touch enrollment decreases the strain on the IT staff by simplifying work processes and automating tasks, which promotes effective working methods and, ultimately, high production. When consumers open the boxes or turn the devices on, the devices are prepared for usage.

2. Advantages of Using Zero-Touch Enrollment with MDM

Here are some benefits enterprises can enjoy with this latest Mobile Device Management feature:

• Reduced Downtime and Remote Troubleshooting

Businesses may guarantee compliance with security controls on all devices and preserve data security using zero-touch enrollment through an MDM solution. The most recent updates are applied to enrolled devices regularly.

Staff employees can receive virtual help from administrators, allowing them to solve problems without being physically present. With this capacity, device downtime is decreased, which eventually increases productivity.

• Security

Companies might implement stringent security measures, including remote device lockdown, multi-factor authentication, and strong passwords. All pre-configured settings are instantly merged into a new device after enrollment.

• Enhanced Productivity

Automatic enrollment of devices that do not require manual intervention gives IT departments time to focus on more important tasks.

Furthermore, they will be provided with ready devices to allow employees to go about their work immediately and free up time for configuration and software installation tasks.

• Asset tracking

Enterprises should apply zero-touch enrollment using MDM to keep track of the devices and monitor their use. Administrators can monitor the location of your devices and check how apps are used on them.

3. Applications of Zero-Touch Enrollment in Various Industries

• Transportation and Logistics

Devices with zero-touch registration utilizing MDM solutions offer high security and stringent limits in the transportation and logistics industries. Administrators can restrict device usage to particular apps, reducing driving distractions. The personnel can solve problems even in remote areas thanks to remote help.

Administrators may also get exact device positions and notify consumers of delivery status thanks to real-time location tracking. Administrators may also track the devices’ past locations to monitor driver behavior.

• Banking Finance Services and Insurance

Zero-touch enrollment is essential in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector because even little mistakes can lead to significant financial losses. It allows businesses to create robust security rules and control device settings, ensuring that all pertinent devices are automatically configured and upholding data security.

Continuous device monitoring keeps employees concentrated, and technical personnel may also keep an eye on interactive kiosk machines and quickly solve problems to save downtime.

• Mining, Oil, and Gas Industry

Rugged devices are generally used in this field because of their resistance to extreme temperatures and other complex environmental factors. Zero-touch enrollment ensures excellent connection across registered devices and gives end users access to unique capabilities.

Device location monitoring in real-time is made possible, and registration takes little end-user involvement and less IT assistance, streamlining business processes. Business software and apps are easily accessible to end users, and file sharing is safe and protected to protect data protection.

4. Best MDM Solution for Zero-Touch Enrollment

A complete mobile device management solution, AirDroid Business is created to meet the demands of businesses at all levels and different endpoints.

All Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, interactive kiosks, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, are compatible with this solution, which increases productivity by limiting device usage to work-related applications.

Recently, a scalable feature was added to AirDroid Business to speed up the device enrollment process and ensure it adheres to all corporate requirements.

It offers flexible pricing choices that let businesses select services based on their requirements. Organizations may also remotely access and monitor devices using AirDroid Business, allowing them to act appropriately on the devices as needed.

5. How to Enroll Android Devices via AirDroid Business


Ensure the device can support Google Mobile Service and has Android version 9.0 or above before starting the process. The device may be purchased via zero-touch reseller partners, who will also help configure it. To complete the setup, link your device to a Gmail account.

Step 1: Log In to your Account

Head over to the zero-touch portal and log in with your account. Choose the Configurations tab and tap the ‘+’ icon.

zero-touch portal

Step 2: Copy the code from the Admin Console

To select device enrolment, go to the Administration Console and press the “Devices” tab. You can complete it by clicking the Zero Touch icon and selecting a provisioning template. Click on ‘Copy” to copy the configuration code’ in the bottom right corner.

Open the Admin console

Step 3: Paste the code

Now, visit the zero-touch portal to paste the code. In the DPC Extras section, paste the code. Enter the company details and choose Android Device Policy in the EMM DPC tab.

select Android Device Policy

Step 4: Configure Files on Enrolled Device

Open the ‘Devices’ tab and then select the device to enroll. Now select the configuration file and press update.

Configure Files on Enrolled Device

Step 5: Complete Initialization Process

To complete the initialization:

  • Turn on the device and create a network connection.
  • If the device is already in use, reset it to factory settings.
  •  Follow the guidelines.

Step 6: Biz Daemon

Open Biz Daemon and grant permissions. The layout may vary depending on the Android version.


Businesses must quickly adopt the newest technology and trends to succeed in the long run. Failure to do so may result in setbacks and make it difficult to compete against competition.

Zero-touch enrollment is an essential feature that improves productivity and operational efficiency. It is clear that this functionality, which automates device enrollment with pre-configured settings, is necessary for businesses, mainly when used in conjunction with AirDroid Business MDM.

Zero-Touch is a thorough, multi-layered management tool created for businesses managing many devices. Zero-Touch imposes device management as soon as the device is turned on. Book a free 14-day trial to see how to enroll Android devices using AirDroid Business.

Disclosure: This Post is Sponsored by AirDroid.

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