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ZTE Iceberg Conceptualised With Dual-Notch Design
ZTE Iceberg Conceptualised With Dual-Notch Design

ZTE Iceberg Smartphone with Two Notches Under Development

The chassis is encased in  a glass frame which looks like an piece of ice

Having a top-notch is one of the top trends this year which was popularised by the Apple iPhone X last year. This was followed by top smartphone manufacturers like ASUS and OPPO launching their smartphones with top notch. Now Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE has given us a glimpse of the future of notched smartphones. A ZTE smartphone containing two notches has made a way to the World Design Guide in the form of an entry to win a design award. iF World Design was set up by the Germans, who are known for their taste in exceptional industrial design in aesthetic, ergonomic and efficiency.  The smartphone was entered under the name “Iceberg” where it won an award under the “Product” discipline.

In a time where everyone is debating whether having notch is just a functional design or aesthetic flaw, the company has added one more to the below. Nature loves symmetries, and maybe ZTE is following that. The company even managed to include a speaker in each notch. Maybe ZTE should be focused on making an all-display with no notches or bezels.

The chassis feels like in a piece of ice where it “holds” the smartphone and hence its name. This is a new innovative design rather than the smartphone which have metal chassis that holds the front and rear glass panels. The four corners are transparent and reveal the perfection of the glass body. It is beautiful and weird at the same time. The smartphone will also support wireless charging.

According to the design entry, the smartphone is scheduled to launch “after 2017” which means the device may be launched at Q2 2018. The phone will likely target the Asian, European and North American markets. There is currently no information about the spec of the device, but we will let you know if anything comes out.

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