Windows 11 24H1 Could Come in April 2024

The Windows space has been very alive since Microsoft dropped Windows 11. Only a few weeks ago, talks of the next iteration of Windows, Windows 12, started gaining traction. Now, another critical Windows update could be around the corner.

Dell Hints at a New Windows 11 Update

As you might know, the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 has started today and will continue until the 12th of January. At this event, many companies will announce, promote, and showcase a number of their different upcoming products.

Some companies have also announced a handful of their products before the event and will further promote them. One such brand is Dell, which will be the focus of this article.

Dell unveiled their latest XPS laptops a few days ago before the CES 2024. Their promotion material has advertised that the new XPS laptops are WiFi 7-ready. One of the slides promoting this feature had a footnote mentioning something interesting. It stated that the laptops to support WiFi 7 should be running on Windows 11 version 24H1.

version 24H1 dell

For some context, the latest version is the Windows 11 version 23H2. Not only that, but they have also clearly stated that this update will not be available for downloading until April 2024. Moreover, the footnote also states that the laptops will have a factory install of this update post-August 2024.

The timeline of the release of this update aligns with the expected launch of the upcoming Windows 11 Moment 5 Update, which is reportedly required for Windows machines to support WiFi 7.

Lastly, before we conclude this article, it should be noted that Microsoft has not confirmed any of this. So, we might see a slight difference in the update release time or its name. Although Dell is indeed one of Microsoft’s major partners, this might be true.

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