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Sony Changes Design for Xperia Flagship at the Last Moment

Japanese smartphone manufacturer Sony is speculated to unveil a new flagship at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018 event at the end of this month. The company now wants to change the design element of its top-tier smartphone. This vast change is also pretty late, considering only two weeks are left.

The company sent a letter to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requesting one of the grants to be dismissed. Sony describes the reason for the dismissal to be a design change. The device received the FCC certification but hasn’t been sold or marketed anywhere. So, the commission will likely have no issues in dismissing the grant.


The reason for the change is still a mystery. Maybe Sony added something new, or it clashes the design aspects with another to be released the smartphone. The letter is dated February 7, so there is not enough time for a major change to the flagship, but it’s important enough to request a dismissal. The design could be anything from the shape of the device to the placement of a fingerprint sensor.

The Japanese company previously claimed their MWC 2018 press conference would be held on February 26, when the flagship is supposed to be unveiled to the public. Interestingly, it’s just a day after Samsung will launch its Galaxy S9 series (S9 and S9+). It could be a way for Sony to declare their flagships a worthy competitor to the Galaxy S9 series. As per rumors, Sony will also be launching a couple of mid-range smartphones of the Xperia series together as well. This will be the first major launch, and we are excited about what Sony offers this year.

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