How to Set a Timer for Photos on iPhone

How to Set a Timer for Photos on iPhone

Smartphone cameras have developed a lot over the years in terms of hardware and software processing. Although they are still not up there with professional cameras, they can still produce pretty impressive shots.

Speaking of smartphone cameras, we have seen all brands give us more and more control over how they work. These controls can range from basic things to pro-level adjustments. One of the most basic of these controls is the timer. It is a countdown until your phone clicks a picture after you tap the shutter button. In this article, we will guide you on how to set a timer for your photos on your iPhone.

Set a Timer for iPhone Photos

First of all, you need to open the camera app. On the section that you will find on the top of the camera interface, you will see a downward arrow. Tap on it. Once you do so, another menu will appear above the shutter button. Scroll through it, and you will notice a clock icon. This is the part where you will set the timer for your photos.

Set a Timer

Once you tap on this clock icon, you will see three options. One will be for turning the timer off, which will be chosen by default. The other two options will be the time in seconds for the timer. They are three and ten seconds, to be precise. You can choose the one you desire.

time options

Now, a countdown of the selected time will start whenever you click a photo. Besides that, the flashlight of your iPhone will blink with each passing second. Once the countdown ends, your iPhone will automatically capture whatever you see in the viewfinder. In any case, where you want to click an instant photo, you have to tap the shutter button and then tap the stop button that appears next. You can, of course, turn the timer off if you do not require it as often.

However, this is not the end of the story. iOS has one more trick up its sleeve. Once you open the photo you clicked with the timer set using the Photos app, you will see an option to “Select” at the bottom.

different shots

Under this option, you will see several different shots depending on what you set the timer you set. Your iPhone takes a picture after every second of the countdown, and you can select one or all of them. The ones that choose not to keep will be deleted.

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