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Realme Fold and Flip Foldable Phones Could be in the Works

The foldable industry is picking up pace in 2023. Many analysts expect Samsung to do a significant redesign since Hubert Lee is now part of their design team. Recently, we saw the Tecno Phantom V Fold with every flagship spec you could want for just 1000$.

From the BBK Group, Oppo has their line of Find N and Find N Flip phones, which are doing quite well regarding reviews and worldwide critical reception. The Find N2 Flip received critical acclaim for doing many things better than Samsung’s Flip.

For now, Vivo’s got the X Fold, and there are rumors of an X Flip and X Fold 2 later. Xiaomi’s Mix line of foldable phones is innovative in its way. Interestingly, we might see a foldable from OnePlus in 2023, too.

The gist is that the foldable market is growing a lot, and Realme will jump in this year with a Flip-style foldable and an open-book-style foldable phone.

This makes the foldable landscape a lot more challenging for Samsung. Confident that they’re the only reliable company for foldable phones, Samsung didn’t make many changes with the Fold 4 lineup.

However, the competition from the BBK Group might force them to do better. Ultimately, consumers benefit from brand competition since it makes prices cheaper, gives us more variety and options, and pushes brands to innovate.

The OnePlus foldable is mostly not the same as the Find N2. Leakers expect a resolution bump to 2K, so the size is probably different. And we’re unsure whether OnePlus is currently working on a flip-style foldable.

Recently, Madhav Seth, the Vice President of Realme and the President of Realme’s international business group, asked fans on a tweet whether they wanted to see a flip-style or an open-book-style foldable phone.

The tweet also says, “What do you want next?”. This is a nod to all the launches Realme did already in 2023. We saw the midrange GT3, a OnePlus 11R with some upgrades.

There was also the budget Realme 10 Pro and the midrange 10 Pro+. That’s all we saw from Realme so far. However, the tweet indicates that there’s work with a vertical and horizontal style foldable at Realme.

We don’t have any official information on the specifications of the phone. The tweet didn’t confirm anything about a release date either. OnePlus is gearing up to launch its foldable in Q3 2023, so we can expect Realme to fling it around that time.

In November 2022, the Vice President of Realme in China talked about the plans for the company. There were mentions of an affordable foldable phone. This is in line with the tweet from Madhav Seth.

Realme will launch two GT Neo phones, one GT phone, and two number series affordable phones to simplify the portfolio. And now, we know that they’re planning to cheaper foldable phones.

Since the Oppo family shares a lot of parts, the Realme Flip might share a lot of similarities with Oppo’s Find N2 Flip. As for the Fold, Oppo already sells the Find N2 Fold. Realme’s might be similar to that.

2023 is an excellent year for foldable devices since the 8 Gen 2 and 8+ Gen 1 are great performers. We’ll update you if there are more details about Realme’s foldable phones.

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