Pixel 8 QC Issue: Cracking of Rear Camera Glass

Google Pixel phones are often considered the epitome of Android in many aspects. However, the past few models have been notorious for having quality control issues. A common issue quite widespread with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series was the cracking of the rear camera glass.

Many users have reported facing this problem in the past and stated that it happens at random. And it seems like Google’s latest and the most excellent Pixel 8 series is no different.

Pixel 8 Series Users Report Shattering of Rear Camera Glass

In the past few weeks, a few reports have emerged claiming that the glass protection on the rear cameras of the Pixel 8 series is getting shattered randomly. Per a user on X (formerly Twitter), their Pixel 8 faced a similar issue despite the phone being protected with a case. The user also claims that the phone had no falls or hits and that the glass shattered entirely out of the blue.


Another user on Reddit has shared an image of their Pixel 8 Pro with a damaged rear camera glass protection. Apparently, the phone lasted only about two days in their ownership before having this problem. The user denies claims of the phone falling down. They also suspect that the camera lens was possibly hitting the protective glass when zooming in and out. On the slightly brighter side, Google did offer this user a replacement under warranty.

The cause of the shattering of this glass is still not clear. Many people attribute it to a drop in surrounding temperature, but that is just speculation.


No Acknowledgement From Google

Unfortunately, Google has not been excellently cooperating with its customers in this particular case. Reports state that Google support keeps denying this being a manufacturing defect. In some cases, Google support rejected the claim.

While the issues are a handful in numbers, they are still insufficient to say that this issue is widespread. We will have to wait and see if more reports also come up. We hope Google takes quick action if that happens to be the case.

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