Pixel 7 Pro Video Recordings Plagued by High-Pitched Noise: User Reports

Google is known for monthly updates of its Pixel devices. And every three months, Google pushes a feature drop update with new device features. The latest feature drop was in December 2023, bringing many new features across the lineup.

However, some Pixel 7 series users have reported an issue on Reddit and the official support forum about video recording after the latest feature drop. The affected users claim a strange high-pitched noise can be heard in video recordings. The users add that the high-pitched noise can be heard even when recorded in a silent environment.

That said, it’s difficult to unearth the root of the problem. It’s unsure if the issue is hardware or software, but it’s likely the latter, as it started only after the latest update. However, a pixel 7 user said the issue persists in the latest Android 14 QPR2 beta with build number AP11.231117.006.

This video showcases the high-pitched noise issue reported in Pixel 7 Pro video recordings.

The affected users have already tried the normal troubleshooting methods, like rebooting, with no positive outcome. Some have even tried the safe boot mode, which gave the same result. Right now, the report on Google’s issue tracker says “assigned.” We hope that Google fixes this issue as soon as possible, as it’s not a pleasant experience for the users. For some, it might even ruin important or memorable videos.

However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the December 2023 feature drop. This update also brought many new features which the users loved. Some notable features with the December 2023 feature drop are:

  • Video Boost (Pixel 8 Pro only): This feature exclusive to Google’s latest flagship uses cloud processing to remove noise, add extra sharpness, and brighten the footage in low-light videos.
  • Portrait Photo unblur and balance: This feature is for all eligible pixel devices, which lets the user sharpen blurry photos and adjust portrait lighting.
  • Dual Screen Preview for Pixel Fold: This lets the users see what the inner display shows when taking pictures.
  • Smart reply in Gboard: Eligible for all devices; this feature improves the typing experience of Gboard. It works with the Gemini AI, suggesting replies relevant to the user’s context. For now, the supported apps are WhatsApp, Line, and Kakao Talk, with more apps on the way.
  • Phone Unlock with Pixel Watch: If you’re part of the Google ecosystem with the Pixel Watch, you can now unlock your phone without biometrics or passwords if your watch is close to the phone.

These were just some of the features added to Google Pixel devices in the December 2023 feature drop update, as there are more in addition to these. However, if you own a Pixel 7 series device and have not yet been updated, we suggest you wait until a bug fix update comes out.

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