OnePlus V Fold Design Renders and Specs Leaked Online

Foldable phones are picking up significantly in 2023, with shipments increasing worldwide. We didn’t see mass adoption of foldable phones, but they’re more popular than ever. They offer much better multitasking and content consumption. There are some excellent contestants to Samsung’s offerings, like the Oppo Find N2 or Vivo X Fold 2.

As leaks say, OnePlus plans to enter the foldable market with the OnePlus Fold- or the OnePlus V Fold. We got official confirmation that OnePlus is working on a foldable phone in March 2023, though there were many rumors before. OnePlus is generally good at keeping all the specifications a secret before launch, but internal sources from Smartprix showcase the design of the upcoming OnePlus Fold.

Despite earlier speculation that OnePlus will rebrand the Oppo Find N2 as the OnePlus, that doesn’t seem likely anymore. The OnePlus Fold will have its own visual identity, a new design language, and a different aspect ratio.

v fold
Credit: Onleaks/SmartPrix

There’s still a good chance that the OnePlus V Fold will get rebranded as the Oppo Find N3. Open-book foldable phones are of two types- one has a wide outer screen that unfolds into something rectangular. This is similar to what Samsung does. However, the phone is too tall and not easy to handle. Google’s solution is a perfect balance, and the outer screen isn’t too wide and not too tall.

Oppo’s Find N and Find N2 are small 7.1″ foldable phones with short and wide outer screens, unfolding into a square aspect ratio. It’s smaller, pocketable, and easier to carry around. If Oppo wants to continue the small foldable phone legacy of the Find series, they have to make a completely different phone for the Find N3. If not, they’ll rebrand the slightly taller and larger 7.6″ OnePlus Fold as the Oppo Find N3.

From a business perspective, rebranding makes more sense. It helps simplify distribution and makes the supply chain and manufacturing easier. According to the leak, the images are a prototype unit in the final stages of testing. It resembles the final product closely, though OnePlus can still make minor changes to the end product.

The image is 5K resolution, showcasing the OnePlus V Fold in matte black. It has the OnePlus logo at the center, a punch-hole front camera for a slightly tall and reasonably wide outer screen, and a circular Hasselblad-branded camera module. There’s a flash module on the top left for some reason, two camera cutouts in the circle for the primary and wide angle, and a square periscope camera at the extreme left end.

The phone might get a 6.5″ 1080P 120Hz outer screen and leather back. The inner screen will probably get a 2K resolution, LTPO 120Hz, and 8″ when unfolded. Rumors point to a large 4800mAh battery and fast 80W charging. There are no performance compromises since we’ll get the 8 Gen 2 SOC.

The camera setup looks promising for a foldable phone. Leaks point to a 50MP IMX 890 primary sensor, a 48MP IMX 581 ultra-wide, and the OB64B 3X periscope camera. The front will probably be the OV32C 32MP sensor. OnePlus will likely launch the OnePlus Fold around August 2023, and we expect a price of around 1299$ for the base 16GB+256GB variant.

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