Moto X4
Moto X4

Exclusive: Moto X4 Price in India Confirmed via Leaked Retail Box Image

The Moto X4 has the final release date in India just a few days back. Moto has made great hype about the upcoming series device(4th generation). This smartphone has been the headline of every Mobile-related site for the past two months. Moto X4 is one of the much-anticipated devices from Motorola, considering the build quality. The rear panel features a glass panel for the first time, adding stars to the beauty.

However, this device was still under-rated regarding its pricing. Looking at the build and smartphone specs, it was rumored to have a price near Rs.30,000, which is the actual pricing in the Europe and United States variant. However, an image from the sources shows the Moto X4 Indian Retail Unit Box mentioned the price in India. Look at the picture; it shows the Indian retail price for the 4GB+64GB variant to be Rs.23,999 Only.

Moto X4 Price a Leaked Retail Box Image

So, the Moto X4 has been priced at just Rs.23,999 in India. However, it was obvious for the Indian variant to come with some of the features missing. The global variant has 3GB+32GB storage and Android One and Amazon Alexa support. Considering the Moto X4 Indian price, I still doubt the Android One and Amazon Alexa support in the spec sheet of the X4. Still, this device is going to be the finest in the competition.

After the long wait and delay, the launch date (3rd October) X4 has been finally scheduled for 13th November. The sale will be started just after the launch. Initially, the Moto X4 will appear for sale on 14th November (13th November mid-night 12:00 PM). From my knowledge, the Indian retail unit of this device would be missing Amazon Alexa assistant. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. I still doubt the Android One platform with this device. Which seems to be the reason for this significant slash in the pricing.

The Moto X4 Global variant has 3 GB RAM and 32GB of physical storage. Though the retail box was confirmed(which earlier was a rumor), it has 4GB of RAM. It might be there could be another 3GB+32GB variant of this device.

Under the beautiful build, the Moto X4 has a powerful Snapdragon 630 SoC octa-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHZ with Adreno 508 GPU. The 508 has a 30% faster rendering than the earlier 500 series GPUs. There’s no change in the battery; the Indian variant, too, has a 3000mAh battery. The retail box comes with a 15W turbocharger. An earlier report shows it to be one of the fastest chargers and has quite close results to the Oneplus 5 dash charger. Moto X4 charges up to 95% when plugged in for an hour.

Moto X4 sale on Amazon

Moto X4 will be able to be purchased on Amazon India. However, the landing page is still missing on Amazon. But Amazon has already bid for the targeted keywords. Check the above Screenshot I have attached; it is the result related to the keyword Moto X4 Buy. I found this while researching the Moto X4. Ultimately, it is the solid reason I could be so confident. X4 to be an exclusive. However, it can’t be confirmed if it will also be available on other e-commerce sites. Flipkart is the top contender.

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