Microsoft Rewards 'Web Search' bug

Microsoft Rewards Users Report Web Search Points Not Counting

Microsoft’s advertisement pitch for Microsoft Rewards is simple. You earn rewards for doing what you usually do. You can participate in this program by signing in to your Microsoft account on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can also sign up for free. Rewards add up if you use Bing search in the Windows 10 search box.

Simply searching on Bing will earn you points, and you can redeem them for rewards. It’s open to everyone who is over the age of 13. The feature is nothing new, and we’ve seen it before since 2010.

At the top right corner of any Bing page, you can see the credit counter responsible for counting your rewards. You can also download the Bing Bar with a Bing Rewards button and a credit counter. You can also do this on your default mobile browser. The entire program is also split into tiers.

The first member tier is the entry-level tier, and you can claim your first rewards after finishing the Welcome to Rewards tour. After you get 200 credits, you’re in the silver tier, and you get a 50-credit bonus if you’re part of this tier. After you have 750 credits and perform 150 qualifying Bing searches per month, you will get a promotion to the Gold tier. You can get 10% off reward redemptions.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with it not tracking or counting the user’s searches. Many people are perplexed as to why this is happening. Several reports throughout X and Reddit show that the counter isn’t working properly.

Web Search Points

They’re not able to earn any points or credits from the browser. It also doesn’t work on their phones. They also tried basic workarounds like clearing the cache, but that didn’t help. There was a temporary blackout in some regions, and others report that it works fine. It’s difficult to judge whether this is a widespread issue.

Interestingly, this problem persists even on consoles, not just smartphones and PCs. It doesn’t matter how you access your MS account, and it also doesn’t matter which device you use. The same problem persists regardless. There are posts claiming that the program isn’t rewarding anyone worldwide. It’s apparently affecting tablets, too.

The rewards program isn’t just for Web Search but also for other categories like Reading. It seems to work perfectly fine for those. Only the rewards for web searches using Bing aren’t counted, which is a major problem.

There’s a daily limit on the number of points you can accumulate per search, limiting your rewards even further. It also completely resets the reward streaks. If you could get better rewards earlier, you no longer can once the reward streaks are reset.

Many people use Bing over competing search engines just for this reward system. For them, this severely limits the potential of rewards. They won’t get the benefits they expect. Many people will jump ship to other search engines if this issue is large.

Microsoft hasn’t officially acknowledged this issue or made a statement yet. Currently, there aren’t any workarounds we know for this either. We will update you if there’s further information on this topic. We hope to get a statement from Microsoft soon.

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